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Meeting in the Middle…

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It’s been almost a week since Tommy Gunn‘s return to New York City’s Rock & Roll scene. His new debut took place at Bowery Electric last Thursday night… Why is The Frogge posting this article 6 days later, you may ask? The answer is simple. I originally wrote this article for a different publication, not for The Frogge. However, when they received my article, first the editor said, “This is too long.” So I said, “Well, a lot happened.” Then they said, “Your point of view is too strong.” So I said, “I am a Frogge and I have a brain. Clearly, I am going to a have a point of view, and I intend on using it. There are enough so-called writers out there who have no voice. I don’t intend on being one of them.” Then they said, “If you want us to publish this article, you have to take out all the content about the bands.” And thats when I got pissed off. We were at Bowery Electric for Pete’s sake… The venue has a stage… TEN bands played at the party… This was an event BASED ON THE MUSIC. There was no way I was taking that element out. So I said, “You know what, forget it. It’s fine. I’ll post this article on The Frogge, where it won’t be butchered and shredded to pieces. Have a nice day.” 6 days later, here it is babies…

(All photos courtesy of Deena Cavallo)

Thursday April 1st, 9:45 pm: I get an ardent text message from my good friend, rock & roll promoter and host, Samuel Valentine. “Get over here quick,” he writes me, “The line is insane. It’s halfway down the block!” “I’m on the list,” I write back, as I laugh at myself to myself. Did I really just say that? Well yeah, I did, because it was true. “List smhist,” he replies, “If the place reaches capacity, the place reaches capacity, and it’s filling up pretty quickly.”

What was the cause of all this commotion? The answer is simple. For the first time in 20 long years, legendary rock & roll promoter and A-List-party-thrower Tommy Gunn held his reunion shebang this past Thursday night at Bowery Electric on the LES. Apparently, in the 1980’s Tommy Gunn was the go-to-guy for the grandest of times. So the story goes, it was Tommy Gunn who bravely held the blazing torch that paved the path for the rock & roll scene that was known for dominating the 80’s and is still remembered, respected, and revered till this very day.

The Man Himself: Mr. Tommy Gunn

I arrived at the venue in my best rock & roll attire; lace, leather, dark lipstick, and a decent amount of hairspray. Having zero patience for lines, I walked right up to the front. “Hi, I’m on the list,” I said very politely to a woman that I have never seen before.

I took in my surroundings. Who were all these people? What hole did they crawl out of? Was the reappearance of just one man from more than 20 years ago really causing this much chaos? My gosh, the scene at the door was a complete collision of the old-school & the new-school, each category thinking they are more important than the other. The old-schoolers from 20 years ago were thinking, “Who the hell are these pip-squeaks? When they were in diapers, we were at The Limelight, Palladium, Webster Hall and The Tunnel! What could these kids possibly know about The Nightlife… About ‘real’ rock & roll?” And of course, the new-school kids were thinking, “Shouldn’t you be at home with your kids? Your grandkids?? Who authorized you to wear that outfit??? For Pete’s sake, you’re over 45 years old, take off the leather corset!!!!” The unnecessary tension between the old-school and the new-school kind of made me feel like I was back in middle school, but I guess you can’t expect anything different when a massive amount of people are trying to get through one little door with the supposed promise of paradise inside.

Certified New School Scenesters Leo Henry & NC Shuva of PUi

However, once we were all inside, or rather, once those who made it inside were inside, I felt the tension slowly begin to melt away. In the end, it didn’t matter which school you were from. We were all there to support the same cause. We all love, live for, eat, sleep and breathe rock & roll. Now that we were inside, it was time to party like it was 1989!

The party kicked off with a fashion show by ex-Project Runway contestant Stella Zotis. The designs were not my cup of tea, but my wanting the fashion show to end just made me more excited for the bands to come on! There were ten bands on the bill: Natasha Komis (Who you may know from Paris Hilton’s My BFF on MTV and some HOT American Apparel billboards,) Ray West, Wild Street, Brad Factor:10, Dirty Penny, Attention Deficit Society, The Party Death (You may know lead singer Joshua ‘London’ Lee  from VH1’s Daisy of Love,) Electric Mary, The Mighty Pragmatics and Flesh Gordon. Natasha Komis, the only lady on the bill, boldly took the stage first and opened the show with a bang! She looked super hot in her barely-there-see-through-tights, black bra, huge silver cross and teeny-tiny leather jacket.

Rock & Roll's First Lady Natasha Komis opening up the show!

Each band got to play a set of three songs as we listened to DJ Dan Pyro and DJ Supermorgan in between sets. The most memorable bands, in my opinion were Dirty Penny, The Party Death & Brad Factor.

Dirty Penny is comprised of four Young & Reckless boys from Santa Cruz, California; Binge Daniels, Jonny Prynce, Spanky Savage and Tyno Vincent. Watching Dirty Penny is sort of like witnessing a tornado. They blow in, wreck a lot of crap, turn your world upside-down, and then blow out; leaving you paralyzed in your place wondering, “What the F just happened here!?” I absolutely loved their endless supply of energy, beautiful-brother-like-chemistry, and super-catchy-sing-a-long-songs. In my opinion, they are the ultimate “let’s have a sick time and party band.” If you share that attitude, you must check them out when they come to your home state, or better yet, take a road trip to see them!

Mr. Spanky Savage of Dirty Penny. Go check out this band... now!

The Party Death is also comprised of four guys; Joshua ‘London’ Lee, Nathanial John, Jack Nightrain, and Dave Dynamite. They took the stage, asked us if we were “ready to die,” causing the everyone to go crazy, pushing each other (in a loving way, of course,) rushing the stage, fighting to be right up front. Some people even made pretty valid attempts at crowd surfing, including The Party Deaths drummer, Nathanial John who jumped onto the crowd at the end of their set.

Joshua 'London' Lee from The Party Death wanting to know if "We're Ready to Die??"

Brad Factor:10, “The Yuppies from Hell,” (the 10 being silent,) is composed of five guys who used play a lot back in the day at Danceteria and other venues in NYC circa1991. I have no idea where they have been or what they have been doing for the past 19 years, but they came back with a vengeance! They took the stage as if they have never left in their preppy clothing clearly mocking the 9-5er’s in this world making me wish I was around in 1991 to see them rock it back then. They were a blast from the past, and caused everyone in the room to beg for more as they closed out their set.

Brad Factor:10. I don't know where the hell these guys came from, but I hope they come again. I loved these guys.

The party was a great success. The people who attended were truly there for the music, and in return they dressed up to the nines and played the part. After all, isn’t that what ‘a scene’ truly is at its core? A group of people who are passionate about a certain type of music and in return dress the part to express their passion physically? I think that now-a-days certain people in ‘the scene’ are too concerned with seeing and being seen that they forget what its really about. Thank you to Tommy Gunn for coming back from the past to remind us, please don’t wait another 20 to do so!

Love your friend who will not compromise,

The Frogge ❤


Rock N’ Roll Is In Our Souls…

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The Frogge loves NYC nightlife for lots & lots of reasons… but one of the main reasons is, there are so many different scenes all packed onto one relatively small island! With so many different spots that you can choose from each and every night, you’d have to be crazy to think that there is only just “one scene.” In fact, there are quite a few, starting with the hipster scene, the rock n’ roll scene, the gay scene, the model scene, the house/techno music scene, the list can go on and on, ect…

However, I think this is a really important moment in time to give specific mention to the rock n’ roll scene because lots of exciting things are happening within it… Bands that are now considered “NY local bands,” will not be considered local bands for much longer… For example, Hypernova (one of my favorite NY bands) just got signed (congrats boys!)… The Dirty Pearl’s newest single New York City Is A Drug is being playing on 101.9 WXRP, The Sex Slaves just returned home from their European tour & Wild Street (as well as The Party Death) both just returned home from touring the U.S.

So what did The Frogge do? The Frogge sat down with the one man in NYC who loves and supports the rock n’ roll scene most… Mr. Samuel Valentine

There he is... Mr. Samuel Valentine

There he is... Mr. Samuel Valentine

The Frogge: I am here with Mr. Samuel Valentine outside of the Vains of Jenna music video shoot. Hi Samuel! How’s it going?

Samuel Valentine: I’m cold!

TF: Yes, it is very cold out… which is annoying because I think someone told me it was going to be 76 degrees today, but whatever… We have more important things to talk about than the weather. Tell me a little about this video shoot that we are at… This band is called Vains of Jenna…What song are they shooting the video for?

SV: The song is called Mind Pollution… It is Vains of Jenna’s new single!

TF: How did you get involved with this video shoot…

SV: I helped the director with the casting and brought over most of the people. I figured that I’d bring all my people here to be a part of the video and it would be a great way to promote the show that is coming up this Tuesday.

TF: Well you did a good job… The people look hot!

SV: Really hot! Especially the girls…

TF: Rarrr! I know… there are like 5 guys here… they are having a field day in there! So, tell me a little bit about yourself… Do you consider yourself a host? A promoter? A band booker?

SV: Everything… It’s all in one… anything that I can do that involves music and great people…

TF: How did you originally get involved with nightlife and the NYC rock n’ roll scene?

SV: When I first moved to New York, I had a really crappy job! But I started going out to a bunch of parties and getting involved in the NY scene… One day, I went to an after hours party and when I left, I got mugged on the street. The next day, I went back to the same party and showed up all f**ked up! The guy that worked there asked me what happened… He felt really bad, because he knew that I had been there the night before… So we started talking, and I told him about my crappy job… So he asked me if I wanted to help him out promoting his party to make some extra cash… So I did it, and it started to catch on… I got good at it… And now 5 years later, I am still doing it…

TF: What are some of the places that you have promoted for?

SV: Lots of places! I started with an after hours party at a place called Remix… but I have done Snitch, Marquee, Greenhouse, Cain, Hudson Terrace, The Gates, Pop, Highline Ballroom, The Studio at Webster Hall… too many to mention, pretty much every club in town…

TF: Now, you are still promoting clubs, but you also are booking bands and putting together your own rock shows, which is awesome! Do you think your involvement with the club scene helped get you to where you are now?

SV: Oh yeah, definitely. When I was working at Snitch, they had bands performing live almost every night… I realized that I could help out some of my friends by getting them shows there… When I moved to the States, I wanted to be in a band myself, but it didn’t happen for various reasons… But I knew I wanted to help bands out, so I started booking shows of bands that I wanted to see. Nobody was putting on the shows that I wanted, so basically I started doing it for myself. If there is a band that I want to see play live, I book them a show… I end up booking my dream shows that nobody else is doing…

TF: We will talk about Big City Rebels 2 in a second, because that coming up this Tuesday, but first I want to talk about Big City Rebels 1 because that was the gateway to BCR2… Who played at BCR1?

SV: The Sex Slaves, Wildstreet, Hypernova, BM Linx, and The Party Death…

TF: That’s a hot line up… I love Hypernova… (but that’s old news… everybody knows that The Frogge loves Hypernova.) When you book a band, what do you look for?

SV: First of all talent… kids who are young, who have style, who put on a great live show… I don’t like booking some guy who only plays in jeans and a t-shirt, because it’s boring. I think music is attached to fashion… they go hand in hand…

TF: Well, you must have done something right because BCR1 had a great turnout, I was there myself… I thought that every band did a great job… especially BM Linx and The Sex Slaves… They both played great sets…

SV: Yeah, it was awesome. About 250 people showed up and we were also broadcasting live on a website called Over 400 people logged in to watch the show live from all around the world… 13 different countries tuned in…

TF: So due to the success of Big City Rebels 1, BCR2 is coming up this Tuesday! Are you excited?

SV: Yup, yup!

TF: Who is playing this time around?

SV: Vains of Jenna, Wild Street, Dirty Penny and Natasha Komis.

TF: Since Vains of Jenna is headlining the show; let’s talk about them first… How did you first discover them?

Vains of Jenna

Vains of Jenna

SV: I first listened to them when I was living in Puerto Rico, their band started in Sweden… I really liked them, and I became a fan of their music. It was funny because after Big City Rebels 1, their manager actually contacted the singer [Eric Jayk] from Wild Street to do a show with them. The next morning they called me and asked me to put it together and I was like, “Are you serious?!” I had to do a double take. I was super excited about that.

TF: This band is under Bam Margera’s record label, Filthy Note Records, correct?

SV: Yup… They are one of the first bands that Bam signed…

TF: Nice. I actually Wikied them and found out some interesting info… like how Gilby Clarke (former Guns N’ Roses guitarist) produced their demo, they also have appeared in a bunch of big magazines like Spin, Blender, and Hustler… So they are doing big things. It’s rad that they are going to play your show! Tell me about the other bands that are playing BCR2… I know that Wild Street is one of your favorite bands in New York…


Wild Street

SV: When I first moved to New York, Wild Street was the only band that I knew that was playing 80’s influenced metal… Since that’s the kind of music that I really, really like, I fell in love with them the first moment I saw them…

TF: Aww… that’s kind of sweet…

SV: I have been booking them now for about three years, and I really believe in them. I think they are going to make it…

TF: Okay, next up… Dirty Penny… Who are they?

SV: Dirty Penny is a band from Santa Cruz, California… I discovered them through MySpace… They also are an 80’s influenced band, but with a modern twist. They aren’t cheesy, they are just bad-ass. They are sleazy, 80’s, rock n’ roll, big hair, tight pants kind of guys… they play a great live show. High fuel rock n’ roll! They are starting a new movement that is influenced by the 80’s but coming back with a new modern twist for our generation. It’s very exciting to see this new movement happening again.

The Boys of Dirty Penny

The Boys of Dirty Penny

TF: Last up, we have Natasha Komis… the only lady in the line up!

SV: I met her hanging around at clubs, and her band is more like electro-rock, but they still have a little of the 80’s influence as well. I think they are one of the better bands here in NY. Their live show is insane… they have a great sound, a great look… they are exciting. She is also known for the big billboard campaigns that she has done for American Apparel and for the MTV reality show Paris Hilton BFF.

Natasha Komis for American Apparel

Natasha Komis for American Apparel

TF: Yeah, I have seen those America Apparel ads… I like ’em… BCR1 was at The Studio at Webster Hall… but now BCR2 is at Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street between Walker and White.) May I ask why you decided to switch up the venue?

SV: It really just came down to space. Vains of Jenna is a big band, and we needed a place to have the show that had a larger capacity. The Studio at Webster Hall would have been too small. Plus, Wild Street had already played that venue, so I wanted to switch it up. Hopefully the next BCR will be at an even bigger venue.

TF: So tell the people when and where they can catch Big City Rebels 2!

SV: This Tuesday October 27th at Santos Party House, doors open at 7 pm! 10 bucks at the door… You can also buy tickets in advance on…

Big City Rebels 2! This Tuesday 10/27!

Big City Rebels 2! This Tuesday 10/27! 7 pm!

TF: I will see you there…

SV: Sounds good! Get your party pants on!

TF: Oh, they are already on!

~          ~          ~          ~          ~

So come out and support some NYC local bands that won’t be local bands for much longer and someday very soon when these kids will be selling out shows at Madison Square Garden, you will be able to say that you knew them way back when…

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: This is random and doesn’t have very much to do with this post but, I just want to make a point that jealousy will get you nowhere in this life. Neither will talking crap about other people. Of course this is obvious, but I feel that sometimes we need to be reminded of these kinds of things. Always remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, so go out there and be the sweet piece of sugar that you are.

Love your friend,

The Frogge ❤

PS- I know that a ton of people are reading THE FROGGE! (WordPress allows you to check your stats… Pretty cool, huh?) So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your support! It really means a lot! Also… don’t be shy to leave your comments! Tell me what you liked, what you didn’t, what you want more of, & if there is anything that you think I should write about, ect… I’d love to hear from you, you, and yes, YOU!