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Black, Beautiful & Badass…

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When I first heard that Harley Davidson was throwing a launch party for their newest bike, it came as no surprise to me that they chose Don Hill’s as the venue… as they should have! However, nothing irritates me more than walking up to a joint that I frequent, aka live in, and have some dumb blondie ask me if I am on the list. I am not saying that I am The Queen of Sheba or anything, but it’s pretty insulting when you are in fact, a regular at a place and someone asks you if you are on the list. Who was she? Was she on the list? Was she even qualified to be handling the list? That would have never have happened if good ‘ol Thomas or James was at the door… But that’s what happens when Harley Davidson rents out Don Hill’s and decides they need something blonde with large boobies to guard the doorway.

HD Launch Party @ Don Hill’s

I was concerned that because of this “door situation” some of my special friends would not be inside. And although many of them were unfortunately shut out, due to the Fort Knox status, I was pleased to walk in and see my bubbly buddy Kelle Calco, the man behind Ladyland and Ruby Tuesdays. Of course, he was accompanied by his gal pal, the beautiful, the intelligent, the talented Ash Fox, rock & roll photographer and creator of Tit Tees, a handcrafted, rock & roll influenced T-shirt line based out of NYC.Ali Hassan, Wildstreet bassist was present, as well as the always jovial Mr. Marty E, drummer of The Dirty Pearls.Jonathan Murray, ex-bassist of BM Linx was also in the house, when I asked him why he left BM Linx, he said something about “not wanting to grow a beard.” Jonathan leaving BM Linx is old news, but I bring it up because that was something I was genuinely sad about… Their music was good, they were interesting to watch, and I wanted to see how far they were going to go…

Ash Fox & Kelle Calco

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You Can Hate My Heart & Chain My Soul… BUT…

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I am excited to report that my very good friends The Dirty Pearls have very recently returned home to NYC safe & sound. Thank god that their plane didn’t crash as they flew back home from their journey to SXSW. As I have said before, There’s something happening here, and what it is… is becoming more and more clear every day. The R&R scene is building, slowly but surely the snowball is getting larger and larger. It’s only a matter of time before it takes off and gains tremendous speed… And when it starts to fly down the mountain at full force, if I were you, I’d either join in or get the F out of the way. I know a lot of us kids are feeling this vibe, and if you aren’t… You need to open up your eyes, but more importantly, your ears, or start hanging out in new places (which reminds me… I FINALLY found a new party that I genuinely like a lot… it could, quite possibly, be my new home… definitley more about this later… but in the meantime, I’ll give you a hint, it involves The Stones. YAY!)

The Pearls played two shows at SXSW. Gaining new exposure to a fresh market & fan base. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend SXSW (maybe next year I will make it a point to go) so I don’t personally know the outcome of the shows, BUT, if they were anything like the March 16th show at Irving Plaza or the March 3rd show at Santos Party House, the boys shall be in excellent shape. Both NYC shows were sold out (which is really impressive since the boys sold out The Gramercy Theatre in December as well.) Apparently the show at Santos was COMPLETE chaos, with a line outside that went around the block and a room so packed on the inside that you couldn’t walk. I was unable to attend that show, as my wisdom teeth were pulled out on the day before (yes, Frogge’s have wisdom teeth too!) and unfortunately, I was more of a chipmunk than a Frogge. So, I am going to tell you a little bit about the Irving Plaza show, in case you missed out on all that groovy action.

As Guitarist Johnny B would say, "This pic is THE TITS!" Literally & Figuratively...

March 16th, 2010: The Dirty Pearls opened for culty-fav Andrew WK. I am not into A-WK, but apparently, this was a big deal because this was A-WK’s first show in 5 years and people were freakin’ out. I ran like the wind to Irving Plaza, straight from an audition, since the Pearls were scheduled to play at 8:30… However, in true R&R fashion, they did not grace the stage until about 9/9:15 (I really should know better by now, and just come later, but I hate the idea of missing the opening song.) The first thing that I noticed was that I barely knew anyone in the audience… which is always a great sign because not to sound obnoxious, but I usually know (mostly) everybody in the audience. I think it is really important for a band to play in front of different types of audiences, if possible. Not only is it great to expose your band to new faces, but it keeps things fresh. I found a nice, cozy spot close to the front, right of the stage next to a group of very rowdy boys from… I believe, Indiana…

The lights went down, Rich Russo from 101.9 XRP took the mic, introduced The Pearls, and it was on. The Pearls opened the show with “Whether You Like It Or Not” followed by their two newest songs “Outrun The Sun” and “Caffeine & Gasoline,” which I believe will be their new single. Even though most of the people in the audience were seeing them for the first time, by this point, The Pearls had won them over.

Mr. Marty E... Banging Away Like There's No Tomorrow... Photo By Coco

The band seemed to have a new energy… Something was somewhat different… It was as if they had slightly altered themselves in a new and exciting way… We could all tell that they were super psyched to be there and play for us, which in return, made us psyched to be there and watch them. The exchange of energy was really flowing, especially when guitarist Johnny B played the guitar with his teeth; this made the audience get very excited, especially the girls. Even though this was only Tommy Mokas‘s 3rd New York show, it seemed as if he had been with the band forever. He is a perfect fit into the puzzle that makes up The Pearls, and his level of energy, enthusiasm, and adorableness compliments this quintet quite nicely.

Johnny B & Marty E... Photo By Coco

I know that you are probably very upset if you missed this show, but have no fear. Lead singer, Tommy London‘s birthday bash is coming up soon and The Pearls plan to make a show out of it.

Don't Miss The Pearls! Tuesday April 15th @ The Mercury Lounge!

Tuesday April 15th at The Mercury Lounge! Be there, or… You know the rest. My friends The Party Death are also on the bill… they have never played with The Pearls before, so this is a new combination you don’t wanna miss…

Love Your Friend,

The Frogge ❤

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: The ROTD goes to Johnny B… Quite a few days after The Pearls got home from SXSW, I got the following message on Facebook from guitarist Johnny B… Here it is, directly from Facebook, copy & pasted for your enjoyment:

Johnny B Azari March 23 at 8:07pm Reply: I just now finally shit out the pig I ate Salt Licks BBQ on sat night – can that go in the blog?

The answer is Yes, Dearest Johnny. It can go in the blog 🙂