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The Pinkest Sheep of Them All…

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The world of fashion is ALL about making statements. As we all know by now, yesterday our beloved Alexander McQueen made one of the biggest statements of them all when he was found dead in his London apartment on the opening day of New York Fashion Week, just one week before London Fashion Week.

People who know The Frogge know that I adore McQueen (just like everybody else who is worth their salt in this town.) Yesterday morning I awoke to a text message from a good friend that read, “OMG… Alexander McQueen committed suicide.” I was shocked… and the first thought that came to my mind was, “Holy shit. The world has just lost one of it’s most creative geniuses…”

This photo was taken from ""

After I cried (yes, I cried) I went on Facebook to see how others were reacting to this news… And of course, I was far from being the only devastated Frogge on the island of Manhattan.

When an artist is lost, other artists will feel the pain. No, we may not have known McQueen personally, but in some sense, we are all part of the same community. A community that is trying to make this world a more beautiful, inspiring place to live… My newsfeed was flooded with statuses from my artist friends, all attributed to McQueen…

“I don’t usually do R.I.P.’s however, Alexander McQueen was and is not only a legend but a pioneer in our culture. Truly R.I.P.” Kayvon Zand (Musician)

“I feel sick… and can’t concentrate… I can’t believe the world lost Alexander McQueen, Mr. McQueen you shall be truly missed… you are brilliant!,” Veritee Hill (Designer)

“The man who introduced me to thinking outside the box, Mr. Alexander McQueen has passed. He was a true legend, a pioneer even in our culture. You have become a legend sir. May you rest in peace,” Hunter Thompson (Stylist)

“Devastated over the death of the Great Alexander McQueen
Rest in Peace, I love you forever,” Kariem Younes (Designer)

“Alexander McQueen, the world of fashion cries for you,” Amanda Bermudez (Photographer)

“I was wishing it was just a publicity stunt for an upcoming show… but it seems true… considering they say his mother died a few days before. I can’t even deal. He was the one show I always looked forward to during all these somewhat boring fashion weeks,” Jermaine Jagger (Designer, DJ)

“Word comes of the sudden passing of Alexander McQueen. Yesterday I found myself looking at a collection of his shoes called ‘Plato’s Atlantis.’ His death reminded me of a quote from Plato that I carry in my wallet and on my facebook profile: ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,'” Steve Lewis (Designer, Nightlife Writer)

“Goodbye McQueen. Thank you for touching my life. May you rest in peace,” LadyFag (Nightlife Personality, Writer)

“Saddened and shocked about Alexander McQueen. He was so talented and imaginative. Rest in peace,” Victoria Wallace (Artist, Model)

“Each piece he put out was incredible. I will miss looking forward to his work,” Axel Kohler (Menswear Designer)

As a Frogge who owns many bags (I have been collecting from a very young age, my mother was a buyer for Saks, and I grew up in a fashion-obsessed household) the story is always the same… People just go nuts over my McQueen bags… I mean literally NUTS. Where ever I go, whether it is to a club or to the supermarket, if I am wearing one of my beloved McQueens, at least 2 or 3 people will stop me and say, “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BAG?” His designs truly are show-stoppers… conversation pieces that are completely outrageous and classic at the same time… A combination that is almost impossible to attain.

I don’t know what will happen to his label, to the beautiful empire that he has built, but I do know that I will miss waiting for his new collections to come out… And I will miss The Pinkest Sheep of Them All… Mr. Alexander McQueen (March 16th, 1968- February 11th, 2010)

Love your (sad) friend,

The Frogge ❤

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” Plato. (Thank you Steve Lewis, for reminding me of this quote that I love so much.)



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Dearest readers… Happy Sunday! Today is a very special day for The Frogge and I would like to share it with all of you. The Frogge is so pleased and proud to announce that she has been mentioned in the December issue of Blackbook Magazine (page 99 to be exact!) as a nightlife blogger, New York based actress, club kid, and overall important contributor to the New York City nightlife scene.

The article was written by NY nightlife legend Steve Lewis… The man who was behind iconic clubs such as Palladium, Limelight, Tunnel, Danceteria, The World, Red Zone, Club USA, Plaid, Spa, Butter, Marquee, Aspen Social Club and many, many more… (Oh, and did I mention he is in the process of designing 8 new clubs?)

The article is called “The Kids Stay In The Picture” and was inspired by a photo that was taken in 1989 at infamous Michael Alig‘s annual party called The Changing Of The Guard… And here it is…

Michael Alig's 1989 Changing of the Guard Party @ The Red Zone

Exactly 20 years later, Steve Lewis wanted to make it a point that the scene has not disappeared. In fact, it is alive and well. He explains in Blackbook that, “Back in Alig’s day, the annual ‘Changing of the Guard’ party and group photo announced a who’s-who of upcoming club kings and queens. To usher in the new decade, we’ve done the same with the classiest crop of pleasure junkies.” And without further adieu… Here we are…

Club Royalty: The Class of 2010

In case you are wondering just who is in this picture… The Frogge shall explain…

(From left to right in the back row) Mr. HUNTER THOMPSON: Stylist, professional crumper & dead animal collection/ DANZIE: DJ, music specialist & blogger… Check her blog out at Mr. SAMUEL VALENTINE: NY nightlife promoter, event host & band booker/ THE FROGGE: writer of THEFROGGE.COM (obviously) & actress/ Mr. PATRICK DUFFY: Owner of Serpentine/ Mr. YING CHU: Fashion designer/ KENDRA MARTYN: Door girl @ The Tribecca Grand Hotel/ AXEL KOHLER: Menswear designer/ EPIPHANY GET PAID: Performance artist/ LAUREN DILLARD: DJ, NY nightlife promoter, event host, musician, member of the band Creep/ APRIL CHALPARA: Band member of Figure Study/ NADIA KOCH: Co-Owner of Home Sweet Home/ ALEX CHAPMAN: Stylist & clothier/ LIBBY BROOCKS: Jazz singer & photographer… Check her pix out on (From left to right in the front row) Mr. JERMAINE JAGGER: Designer & DJ/ WILLIAM MERRELL: Bartender & tooth-and-bone collector/ DJ NITA AVIANCE: DJ at Mr. Black/ ONE-HALF NELSON: Designer, host & overall eccentric/ JAMES COPPOLA: Promoter, event host & founder of…and last but not least… LADYFAG: Performer, writer & nightlife personality.

To quote Lewis in his article, “With Alig tucked away in an exclusive venue with a very tough door: the upstate prison where he remains incarcerated today, a new generation of style-savvy merrymakers has risen to carry the torch.”

NYC nightlife, the real nightlife (cause you know that I am definitely not talking about the dive bar on the corner of 33rd street & 3rd ave.) is more than just “going out and getting some drinks.” (If you treat it that way… well, that’s exactly why  you aren’t in this picture.)

What you have to, need to understand is that nightlife is a place where artists of all kinds (actors, actresses, DJ’s, musicians, writers, designers, stylists, photographers, ect) come together and exchange ideas, exchange creative energy… Whether its hearing a new great song, discovering your new favorite band, seeing a piece of clothing that you just need to have, meeting your new best friend, seeing something that you have never seen before, doing something that you never thought you would do… The nightlife is our perfect fantasy land where we go to escape the mundane… It’s where we go to let our alter egos play with all the other alter egos… To grow, to learn, to see, and most importantly to push the boundaries… to defy normalcy… because nothing is more boring than being normal.

We know that carrying the torch is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, and I couldn’t be more honored that its us.

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: I gotta give the ribbit to Marilyn Monroe when she said, “Imperfection is beauty; madness is genius. And it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” I think this quote perfectly defines the nightlife, the kids, and the beautiful movement that we are a part of.

Love your friend,


*A big thank you to Mr. Steve Lewis for writing this beautiful article and giving us kids the recognition that we deserve. Check out his column GOOD NIGHT MR. LEWIS and get your very own copy of Blackbook magazine at a magazine stand near you! (Mila Kunis is on the cover and she looks F’n HOT!!)