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It’s been a week since Gina Sachi Cody has left us and though I wish I could say that “I’m okay,” I’m not. The truth is, my heart is broken. I remember the first time I met Gina. I was being photographed for Good Night Mr. Lewis, a nightlife column written by Steve Lewis in Blackbook Magazine, and she was the photographer. We were in the basement of the post-Plumm, pre-Darby space and Steve introduced us. She told me where to stand, and began to click away as I did this & that… I remember feeling very at east in front of her camera. There was something about her… Perhaps it was her beautiful, big, brown eyes… I knew right away that I could trust her.

How It All Began / October 2009 / Photo by Gina Sachi Cody.

After the shoot, we exchanged numbers and a new friendship began. We started to bump into each other everywhere, as most of us creatures of the night tend to do… I was always happy to bump into Gina. She had one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen & lots of good energy that I could always feel when I was around her.

Our Bright, Beautiful Girl...

A few months after we met, my birthday rolled around. “I made you something,” she said so proudly into the phone, “When can I give it to you?!” We met up in the East Village and I unwrapped a flat, rectangular shaped object… What could it be? Of course… It was  the picture she had taken of me for Blackbook, except she had done something really interesting to it. Certainly Gina could explain the technique much better, but I think she had it printed on some sort of special photo paper, and then she peeled away the top layer of the photo, which made the photo look sort of distressed, “vintage-ish.” She had it framed, and I immediately hung it up in my apartment by the staircase which leads up to my lofted bedroom.

The last time I saw her was on Thursday, October 28th, just a few days before she passed. We were at Mick Rock‘s opening at the Morrison Hotel on the Bowery. It was completely packed. I was just wandering around, taking in the people and looking at Mick’s photos when I heard my name being called. I turned around… It was Gina… She looked so beautiful, so full of life… She grabbed my wrist and held my forearm tightly as she spoke to me a mile a minute about the magazine she was starting. She was so excited, she was so proud, her eyes were so wide, like a child… She was telling me something about going to Japan and how much she loved The Frogge… that when her magazine was started, she wanted me to be a part of it… that she wanted me to write for Prescribed Mag. I said that of course I would and that we should talk about it  more specifically when she had more details. We walked next door to John Varvatos to see Jamie Burke’s new band, Delilah & Adam Green. Gina & I stood right up front… We danced wildly, hand in hand, and she took lots of pictures with not one, but two cameras…

That is how I will always remember her. Beautiful, glowing, excited, full of life with endless possibilities… I only wish I knew it was the last time that I was going to see her… She took a Polaroid of my friends & I that night… She made me promise to upload it… “Don’t forget to upload that! Promise you won’t forget?” she said. “I won’t, I promise, I won’t.” And here it is… The last picture of me taken by Gina.


Morrison Hotel / October 28th, 2010 / Photo by Gina Sachi Cody.

The best thing about that Polaroid is that is has her handwriting on the bottom. “Get Prescribed,” it says, to promote the magazine she was so excited to start. It’s sort of ironic to that our friendship started and ended with a photograph. Isn’t is sort of strange that I know the exact first and exact last picture she ever took of me?

I don’t think I can write anymore, as my heart is literally aching… But there is one more thing that I want to say. We are organizing a memorial for Gina. Larry Santos, Dave Delzio, Nia & Steve are also involved. We don’t have the exact date picked out yet, but we are working on it. It will be held at Santos Party House. We are doing this because we know there were a lot of “city people” who wanted to attend Gina’s wake but couldn’t get out to Jersey for this reason or that… If you are reading this and want to be involved in anyway, please don’t be a stranger. Feel free to email me directly anytime at TheFrogge@gmail.com. When I know the exact details, I will do my best to spread the word, and I really, really hope that you all attend.

Until then…

Love your aching friend,

The Frogge ❤


Kelle Calco & The Colored Boys… Debut Show @ Don Hill’s!

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It all started last winter on a very cold day, curled up on a red velvet couch in the back of The Belmont Lounge. I was introduced to Kelle Calco, who was probably wearing Paisley, a year later at this point, I don’t remember. We were at his beloved Rolling Stones party drinking rum and listening to DJ Ian El Dorado‘s favorite song Can’t You Hear Me Knocking… We became instant friends as we somewhat see in the world in the same way and are concerned about the same things…

Kelle, it seemed, came out of nowhere… but quickly found his place among the Rock n’ Rollers… the Dreamers, the Merry-Makers, the Creatures of the Night. Wherever he went, he brought the good vibes, his peaceful, loving energy, his entourage of peacocks, as he calls them, and a very large bottle of rum.

The Rolling Stones party was the start of a new beginning… New friends, new faces, and a new scene to play in. The Belmont Lounge quickly became The Royalton Hotel, and red couches were replaced by fire places and platters of oysters… And then one day, Ladyland was born… A party dedicated to Love, Light, Laughter, Ecstacy, Inebriation, Grit, and Glamour.. Spreading and celebrating the spirit of a real and infectious musical sound which christened a lifestyle of liberation, libation, and celestial satisfaction.

But this coming Tuesday, November 9th, Kelle has another gift in store for us… His music… Which no one has heard… yet. There have been whispers in my ears saying very good things… very, very good things… And I can’t wait to heart Kelle Calco & The Colored Boys for myself.

Please join StyleLikeU as we invite you to experience the music of Kelle Calco & The Colored Boys for their Debut Show! Come show your love on Tuesday, November 9th at Don Hills … 511 Greenwich Street… 8:30 PM Sharp.

StyleLikeU invites you to experience the music of Kelle Calco & The Colored Boys

For more information, click here!

Love your friend,

The Frogge

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President Obama has officially declared June “Gay Pride Month.”

The Frogge would like to take this moment to personally let President Obama know that WE DON’T NEED A GAY MONTH! WE NEED EQUAL RIGHTS NOW!

Until Gay Marriage is legalized in all of the states, as far as The Frogge is concerned President Obama can have the month of June back, because having a “Gay Pride Month” doesn’t mean anything.

Let’s not pretend to be progressive… Let’s actually really be progressive.

Marc Jacobs said it best on one of his t-shirts, “Dear Mr. President… You promised… I voted… Now please deliver!”

T-shirt by Marc Jabos. Pick one of these bad boys up at 403 Bleeker Street.

Love your friend who won’t be fooled,

The Frogge ❤


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* * * If these companies and powers defeat us, that is a shame. However, if we defeat ourselves by being indifferent, callous, numb, and fearful, that is a tragedy we all will have to live with for the rest of our lives. I ask you all to muster your courage and love and join us in giving British Petroleum back it’s oil. * * *

Public beaches were closed Friday in Grand Isle, Louisiana, as oil, dead fish and birds washed ashore.

Dearest Readers,

Today, The Frogge is not writing to tell you about the latest party or the best band, because all of these things are extremely trivial and completely unimportant while we are currently in the midst of an environmental disaster. As most of you know, “More than a month has passed since the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig blew up, spewing immeasurable quantities of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and frustrating all efforts to contain it.” (Quote taken from The NY Times.)

To read two articles, from The NY Times, which can better explain the situation, click Here or Here. You can also WATCH THE OIL LEAK LIVE by clicking Here. (It usually takes a few seconds to load, but be patient, it does work.)

It is during times like these that we can feel helpless and small. We may think to ourselves, “What can I really do to help?” Well, we can start by making our voices heard. 40 long days have passed, and the oil continues to spew into our beautiful ocean. Let’s all come together, let our voices be heard, and demand that BP does something immediately to stop this already catastrophic disaster.

A peaceful protest has been organized by Johnny B Azari, Sally Bette Newman, Andreas Dre Zettlmeissl, Sheida Irani, Shoja Azari and Shirin Neshat. Here is their message & their plan that I would like to share with all of you:

“On May 28th, nearly 40 days after the beginning of this disaster, we shall come together as citizens of NYC and march to the BP station on the corner of Houston and Lafayette. There, we will be dressed in all white with gas hoses wrapped around our bodies and necks symbolizing the asphyxiating hold the oil companies maintain on the world. We shall enter the station and for two minutes stand in a formation that demonstrates our solidarity against BP and other companies guilty of the same crimes. There will be a speaker demanding that BP, TransOcean, and Halliburton halt all drilling world wide till the oil spill is totally cleaned. After the speech, we will chant: “BP your heart is black, you can have your oil back.” We will then dump buckets of “oil” (black water) over ourselves and the station. Then we will disperse.

This is a peaceful, non-destructive piece of performance art that will last two minutes. It will be videotaped, edited, and digitally disseminated. A flash protest if you will.

The point is participation, not perfection. If these companies and powers defeat us, that is a shame. However, if we defeat ourselves by being indifferent, callous, numb, and fearful, that is a tragedy we all will have to live with for the rest of our lives. I ask you all to muster your courage and love and join us in giving British Petroleum back its oil.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Johnny B Azari at freedomgloryproject@gmail.com. You can also get current updates by following this event on Facebook Here.


On that note, I would like to point out that nothing matters if we don’t stand up for ourselves and our environment. We would be nothing without our beautiful planet, and so it’s our job to help keep it in the best shape possible. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY SHOWING UP THIS  FRIDAY, MAY 28TH, AT 6 pm (no earlier, no later!!) AT THE BP GAS STATION ON THE CORNER OF HOUSTON & LAFAYETTE DRESSED IN ALL WHITE.

Love your friend,


Capturing Moments, Influencing Pop Culture & Having a Good Time!

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I’m at the Stellan Holm Gallery on the Upper East Side waiting for my chance to speak with the man of the hour, Los Angeles based pop artist, Paul Rusconi. The white walls that surround me are adorned with eleven 5.6 x 4 foot portraits of America’s top and most talented pro-skateboarders. Paul turns, I catch his attention, introduce myself and ask the question I need to know, “Why pro-skateboarders?”

He begins to explain the inspiration for his series. “I was at a couture show in Paris,” he says, “I believe it was Dior, and on one of the couture gowns, there was a pattern of skateboards. It really grabbed me. I thought it was so interesting.”

The portraits are beautifully executed. I ask him about the process he went through to create each one.

Pro Skateboarder JASON ADAMS in front of his pop art portrait by artist PAUL RUSCONI

“I took about 10 to 20 digital photos of each of the skateboarders,” he says. I am truly surprised by this information. Each of Paul’s portraits are going for $25,000. It was hard for me to believe that only 10-20 photos needed to be taken. “It’s not about the digital photos,” Paul explains, “It’s about them [the skateboarders,] the way the light hits their face, they each have such huge personalities. I wanted to capture that.”

Ms. Lizzie Grubman w/ LA based artist Paul Rusconi & Friend

The photo is then digitally screened onto four different layers of Plexiglas, each layer a different color of benday dots. He uses cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. When you step back, the benday dots create a gray scale. The dots create an optical illusion, if you squint your eyes a certain way, they come into focus. The background of the portrait that lies behind the benday dots is painted in nail polish. Out of curiosity, I ask him if he prefers a specific brand?

“I once did a project where I only used Chanel, but for this series, it was all about the color. If I found a color I liked, I would order cases of it. If I couldn’t get a case, I would scour the drug stores, or departments stores in search of more bottles.”


Love your friend,

The Frogge ❤

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Meeting in the Middle…

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It’s been almost a week since Tommy Gunn‘s return to New York City’s Rock & Roll scene. His new debut took place at Bowery Electric last Thursday night… Why is The Frogge posting this article 6 days later, you may ask? The answer is simple. I originally wrote this article for a different publication, not for The Frogge. However, when they received my article, first the editor said, “This is too long.” So I said, “Well, a lot happened.” Then they said, “Your point of view is too strong.” So I said, “I am a Frogge and I have a brain. Clearly, I am going to a have a point of view, and I intend on using it. There are enough so-called writers out there who have no voice. I don’t intend on being one of them.” Then they said, “If you want us to publish this article, you have to take out all the content about the bands.” And thats when I got pissed off. We were at Bowery Electric for Pete’s sake… The venue has a stage… TEN bands played at the party… This was an event BASED ON THE MUSIC. There was no way I was taking that element out. So I said, “You know what, forget it. It’s fine. I’ll post this article on The Frogge, where it won’t be butchered and shredded to pieces. Have a nice day.” 6 days later, here it is babies…

(All photos courtesy of Deena Cavallo)

Thursday April 1st, 9:45 pm: I get an ardent text message from my good friend, rock & roll promoter and host, Samuel Valentine. “Get over here quick,” he writes me, “The line is insane. It’s halfway down the block!” “I’m on the list,” I write back, as I laugh at myself to myself. Did I really just say that? Well yeah, I did, because it was true. “List smhist,” he replies, “If the place reaches capacity, the place reaches capacity, and it’s filling up pretty quickly.”

What was the cause of all this commotion? The answer is simple. For the first time in 20 long years, legendary rock & roll promoter and A-List-party-thrower Tommy Gunn held his reunion shebang this past Thursday night at Bowery Electric on the LES. Apparently, in the 1980’s Tommy Gunn was the go-to-guy for the grandest of times. So the story goes, it was Tommy Gunn who bravely held the blazing torch that paved the path for the rock & roll scene that was known for dominating the 80’s and is still remembered, respected, and revered till this very day.

The Man Himself: Mr. Tommy Gunn

I arrived at the venue in my best rock & roll attire; lace, leather, dark lipstick, and a decent amount of hairspray. Having zero patience for lines, I walked right up to the front. “Hi, I’m on the list,” I said very politely to a woman that I have never seen before.

I took in my surroundings. Who were all these people? What hole did they crawl out of? Was the reappearance of just one man from more than 20 years ago really causing this much chaos? My gosh, the scene at the door was a complete collision of the old-school & the new-school, each category thinking they are more important than the other. The old-schoolers from 20 years ago were thinking, “Who the hell are these pip-squeaks? When they were in diapers, we were at The Limelight, Palladium, Webster Hall and The Tunnel! What could these kids possibly know about The Nightlife… About ‘real’ rock & roll?” And of course, the new-school kids were thinking, “Shouldn’t you be at home with your kids? Your grandkids?? Who authorized you to wear that outfit??? For Pete’s sake, you’re over 45 years old, take off the leather corset!!!!” The unnecessary tension between the old-school and the new-school kind of made me feel like I was back in middle school, but I guess you can’t expect anything different when a massive amount of people are trying to get through one little door with the supposed promise of paradise inside.

Certified New School Scenesters Leo Henry & NC Shuva of PUi

However, once we were all inside, or rather, once those who made it inside were inside, I felt the tension slowly begin to melt away. In the end, it didn’t matter which school you were from. We were all there to support the same cause. We all love, live for, eat, sleep and breathe rock & roll. Now that we were inside, it was time to party like it was 1989!

The party kicked off with a fashion show by ex-Project Runway contestant Stella Zotis. The designs were not my cup of tea, but my wanting the fashion show to end just made me more excited for the bands to come on! There were ten bands on the bill: Natasha Komis (Who you may know from Paris Hilton’s My BFF on MTV and some HOT American Apparel billboards,) Ray West, Wild Street, Brad Factor:10, Dirty Penny, Attention Deficit Society, The Party Death (You may know lead singer Joshua ‘London’ Lee  from VH1’s Daisy of Love,) Electric Mary, The Mighty Pragmatics and Flesh Gordon. Natasha Komis, the only lady on the bill, boldly took the stage first and opened the show with a bang! She looked super hot in her barely-there-see-through-tights, black bra, huge silver cross and teeny-tiny leather jacket.

Rock & Roll's First Lady Natasha Komis opening up the show!

Each band got to play a set of three songs as we listened to DJ Dan Pyro and DJ Supermorgan in between sets. The most memorable bands, in my opinion were Dirty Penny, The Party Death & Brad Factor.

Dirty Penny is comprised of four Young & Reckless boys from Santa Cruz, California; Binge Daniels, Jonny Prynce, Spanky Savage and Tyno Vincent. Watching Dirty Penny is sort of like witnessing a tornado. They blow in, wreck a lot of crap, turn your world upside-down, and then blow out; leaving you paralyzed in your place wondering, “What the F just happened here!?” I absolutely loved their endless supply of energy, beautiful-brother-like-chemistry, and super-catchy-sing-a-long-songs. In my opinion, they are the ultimate “let’s have a sick time and party band.” If you share that attitude, you must check them out when they come to your home state, or better yet, take a road trip to see them!

Mr. Spanky Savage of Dirty Penny. Go check out this band... now!

The Party Death is also comprised of four guys; Joshua ‘London’ Lee, Nathanial John, Jack Nightrain, and Dave Dynamite. They took the stage, asked us if we were “ready to die,” causing the everyone to go crazy, pushing each other (in a loving way, of course,) rushing the stage, fighting to be right up front. Some people even made pretty valid attempts at crowd surfing, including The Party Deaths drummer, Nathanial John who jumped onto the crowd at the end of their set.

Joshua 'London' Lee from The Party Death wanting to know if "We're Ready to Die??"

Brad Factor:10, “The Yuppies from Hell,” (the 10 being silent,) is composed of five guys who used play a lot back in the day at Danceteria and other venues in NYC circa1991. I have no idea where they have been or what they have been doing for the past 19 years, but they came back with a vengeance! They took the stage as if they have never left in their preppy clothing clearly mocking the 9-5er’s in this world making me wish I was around in 1991 to see them rock it back then. They were a blast from the past, and caused everyone in the room to beg for more as they closed out their set.

Brad Factor:10. I don't know where the hell these guys came from, but I hope they come again. I loved these guys.

The party was a great success. The people who attended were truly there for the music, and in return they dressed up to the nines and played the part. After all, isn’t that what ‘a scene’ truly is at its core? A group of people who are passionate about a certain type of music and in return dress the part to express their passion physically? I think that now-a-days certain people in ‘the scene’ are too concerned with seeing and being seen that they forget what its really about. Thank you to Tommy Gunn for coming back from the past to remind us, please don’t wait another 20 to do so!

Love your friend who will not compromise,

The Frogge ❤

The Frogge Just Got Hotter…

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The Frogge knows that every company worth their salt needs a good ‘ol fashioned t-shirt… And even better… Someone hot to wear it… Happy Tuesday Lovers…

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