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Not Your Grade School Cafeteria.

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Last night I did not have a drink at Cafeteria… I had the entire drink menu. Yes… the entire drink menu. I know that sounds pretty insane, and believe me, it was. So why would I do such a thing, you may ask? The answer to that is simple: It was research. For you. So be appreciative because I have a lot of information for you… here we go…

FACT: Today is August 12th… What does that mean? Only six weeks left until autumn starts.

FACT: Cafeteria (17th street & 7th ave) has a fabulous summer drink menu AND an amazing outdoor cafe.

FACT: Everybody loves Cafeteria… and I mean EVERYBODY. (Unless you are 1. Homophobic, and therefore are silly 2. Trying to lose weight, and therefore are resentful of their Mac and Cheese or 3. Have bad taste or faulty taste-buds, and therefore The Frogge can’t help you.)



The Frogge loves Cafeteria for a few reasons. It is open 24 hours and is fun day or night, the food is YUMMY, they play great, eclectic music, the servers are hot, and it is affordable. How can you go wrong? You can’t… Also… the tables are so close together that you can easily eavesdrop on your neighbors conversation, which is always fun… especially when they are talking about dirty things. [Insert mischievous smile here.] Plus, there are frequent celebrity sightings there… To be completely honest, The Frogge does not really care about this… The Frogge is not a Celebrity Whore, but incase you are a Celebrity Whore… here is an abridged list of celebs that The Frogge has seen at Cafe… Susan Sarandon (classy,) Adrian Grenier (discreet,) David Blaine (accompanied by two models who literally did not touch their food,) Kelis & Nas (very smily with some cute kids,) Lindsay I’m a Dumb Bitch Lohan (who did coke under the table,) Paris Hilton (The Frogge likes tall ladies,) Mariah Carey (causing quite a stir among the gays,) Jessica Zhor (really is that pretty in real life,) Adrian Brody (low key and casual,) Leighton Meester (practically in her PJ’s and very sweet,) Blake Lively (cold)… and one of The Frogge’s favorite actors… Wallace Shawn… Oh, I love him… He played Mr. Hall in Clueless… I heard he is on Gossip Girl now? The Frogge wouldn’t know… as she does not XOXO Gossip Girl… I tried to get into it, I couldn’t… Blake Lively does not do it for me… I find her work untruthful and one-note. However, I do have to say that I like the girls who play Nelly Yuki and Penelope. And yes, Chuck Bass and Blair are hot… but other than that, it’s Grade A Bologna.

The cafe at Cafeteria

The cafe at Cafeteria

So, as I said, last night I was at Cafeteria and my dear friends Clark Gale (manager) and Jennifer Castillo (head mixologist) bravely took me on a guided tour through their summer cocktail menu… Here are some of my favorites…

FARMER’S MARKET SANGRIA (The Ellen Degeneres) I have named the Farmer’s Market Sangria after Ellen because it is bold and progressive… and it is a great thing to enjoy in the afternoon… just like Ellen’s show. It is made with white wine that is from a local winery and it is organic (Yay!) The apples, white peaches, and raspberries that are in this refreshing, crisp and surprisingly strong sangria are also grown locally and are organic as well (double Yay!) We (The Frogge, Clark, and Jenny) decided that it would pair nicely with the Fig Salad or the Crispy Cornmeal Calamari.

Next, I tried the INFERNO BLOODY MARY and let me just say that it blows all other Bloody Mary’s away. I have named this cocktail after Eva Mendes because it is hot and spicy! Jenny made it for The Frogge table-side, and creating this drink is quite the impressive procedure. First Jenny put a fresh, whole jalapeño in the glass… then she ‘misted’ the inside of the glass with bourbon. She lit a match, which set the bourbon on fire… and this cooked the jalapeño in the glass… forcing it’s juices to extract. (This procedure is called to ‘flambé the jalapeño.’) After the jalapeño is flambéed, Jenny poured ice in the glass to cool it down… she then adds the vodka and the freshly home-made tomato juice mixture. And ta-daah! You have the most amazing Bloody Mary ever. Of course this is simply perfect to have at brunch (with the Farmer’s Frittata or the Monterey Eggs, to be specific.) But we also thought that it would pair nicely with the Prince Edward Island Mussels.

I am not quite sure how I went from the Bloody Mary to the LYCHEE AND LAVENDER MARTINI… but it happened… and it was delicious. Normally The Frogge doesn’t even like lychee… but the lavender flavor did something nice to it. I am naming this drink after Jennifer Aniston because it is classy, sweet, very feminine, and I think most Americans would enjoy it, the way most Americans enjoy Jennifer Aniston. This cocktail is a triple threat because it has it all. 1. A delicious lemony taste. 2. A fabulous lavender aroma. And 3. A tasty lychee texture. To top it all off, the lychee and lavender martini is made with an organic vodka called Rain. It also has the most beautiful garnish. They take a large basil leaf and put ‘lychee caviar’ on it. It is really very beautiful. We decided that this cocktail would pair nicely with Heirloom Tomato Salad with Burrata… Mmm… The Frogge is getting hungry writing this article.

After tasting all these different flavors, I wanted to try something a little more subdued, so I went for the ALOE CITRUS MARTINI. This drink seemed a little more masculine to me, so I named it after Ryan Gosling. He is plain and simple, but at the same time, he has a great appeal, and that is exactly how I felt about the Aloe Citrus Martini. It is made with fresh aloe juice, fresh lemon juice, Bulldog Gin, and garnished with a lemon twist. We thought this drink would be the perfect compliment to the Seared Yellowfin Tuna appetizer or the Grilled Mahi Mahi entree.

Since the Aloe Citrus Martini was made with gin, it seemed natural to try another gin cocktail next, so I choose the CUCUMBER MARTINI. The Cucumber Martini is made with my favorite gin, Hendrick’s gin, a fresh cucumber puree, triple sec, and a splash of lime. It is served up and is as cool as a cucumber… which is why I am naming it after George Clooney. To contrast with the cool, we thought it would be great to pair it with something spicy like the Spicy Roasted Chicken, or something very flavorful like the Crab Crusted Halibut.

After being low-key and cool with the Aloe Citrus Martini and the Cucumber Martini… I wanted to go back to big flavor, so I tried the BLACKBERRY CARDAMON MARGARITA. This drink is definitely not for everyone because it is so different, but thats what I loved about it. I have never had a cocktail that had the spice cardamon in it… which is why I am naming this cocktail after Freido Pinto… the cute chick from Slumdog Millionaire. Something about this spice reminded me of India… and then I thought of Slumdog. There is something about this cocktail that is very warm and passionate. We thought it would go lovely with the Almond Stuffed Dates, the Crispy Baked Polenta, or the Smoked Double Cut Pork Chop… After all, most people in India do not eat beef… so we felt it was only natural to suggest pork.

Almond Stuffed Dates

Almond Stuffed Dates

Last but not least… The Frogge’s personal favorite, the PASSION FRUIT CAIPIRINHA. Cafeteria is well known for their Passion Fruit Cosmo… which is sooo delicious. It is their staple cocktail and will probably stay on their menu forever (I would probably have to name the P.F. Cosmo the Carrie Bradshaw.) No one is dissing the P.F. Cosmo, but the P.F. Caipirinha is kind of like the new, fresh, updated version. It is made with Leblon Cachaca, fresh muddled passion fruit and garnished with an edible flower (that tastes really good!) It is the ultimate girly drink, which is why I am calling it the Katy Perry… because she is a girl and… she kissed a girl and… she liked it. (Incase you forgot.) When you drink the P.F. Caipirinha, you need to go all out so get the Mac And Cheese… or get really nuts and get the Mac Attack (which is a tasting of the three varieties of Mac And Cheese that Cafeteria offers.)

Mac Attack! (Pretty please make a vegan version!)

Mac Attack! (Pretty please make a vegan version!)

There are many other cocktails on Cafeteria’s cocktail list, however those were my favorite because I felt that they were the most innovative, interesting, and yummy. By the way, if you do not drink alcohol, do not feel left out by any means! Cafeteria offers a list of Mocktails as well! The Blackberry Lemonade is so delic, that I want to bathe in a tub of it… not to be dramatic or anything. The bottom line is, they have a drink for everyone… and a dish for everyone too. The restaurant has been open since 1998, but if you haven’t managed to make it over there yet, now is the time to go. Their outdoor area is so nice and very dog friendly! They will even give you doggie treats and a bowl of water for your pups. So, if you head over to Cafeteria, tell Clark, Jenny, and the whole gang that The Frogge says Ribbit!

Love your friend,

The Frogge ❤

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PPS- My good friend Doug Rand will be DJing at Above Allen tonight at 10 p.m. If you are on the LES go check him out… The gem of a host Tim Sharp will be there as well.


A Very Mad, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

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I know, I know!! I have been a bad Frogge!! It has been exactly one week since I have posted last and I don’t even have that good of an excuse as to why I have been so M.I.A. (Except for the fact that there was a four day period where I literally just did not go home… and therefore was not by my computer.) Anywhoo… Let’s not waste time, let’s get down to business… 

The Frogge thinks that parties are very important. Especially because you only live once, right? And in these times of ‘economic unrest’ or whatever you want to call it, there is nothing better than getting together with some of your friends and having some good, old fashioned fun. Sadly, summer is almost over (boo)… Today is August 5th, and  The Frogge doesn’t even know where summer has went. So what does that mean? It means if you haven’t thrown a summer celebration yet you have about four weeks left to throw the most kick butt Mad Hatter’s Tea Party E-V-E-R… and for those of you who aren’t natural hosts… The Frogge will tell you exactly how to do this! Don’t worry, its easy… and… your friends will love you (more than they already do!) 

Why a very mad, Mad Hatter’s tea party, you may ask? Because everyone loves Alice in Wonderland… Plus! The new Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton is coming out (kind of) soon… sooo this theme is highly appropriate… (Let’s just hope that Tim Burton does not mess up Alice in Wonderland like he messed up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… because that was just creepy and Johnny Depp seemed more like a pedophile than Willy Wonka… strange since normally JD can do no wrong.) 

No one is cooler than the Mad Hatter! And The Frogge means no one! (Okay, maybe Alice... but that's it!)

No one is cooler than the Mad Hatter! And The Frogge means no one! (Except maybe for Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter... we will find out when the movie comes out!)

The first step to throwing a really great party is making a guest list. This may sound obvious but do not invite people who suck. People who suck will ruin your party. Only invite people who you really want to invite, people who have good energy, people who will add something to the atmosphere, people who will bring a bottle of champagne! 

After your guest list is complete, I suggest sending out real invitations in the mail. Why? Because facebook invitations are lame-o. They are boring, impersonal, and since most people get a few of them a day… they kind of get disregarded or not taken very seriously. On the other hand, snail mail is awesome! Think about it, when was the last time you got a real letter in the mail? A year ago? 5 years ago? In 1994? Getting a real letter in the mail is pretty much as exciting as Christmas morning… so send out real invites! Common sense suggest that If people get excited about the invitation, it will make them more excited for the actual party. (If you want to get really into the Mad Hatter’s theme, there is a company called “All Things Alice.” They make really nice blank note cards … you can order a box of them on for $11.70. They look like this… 

"All Things Alice" die-cut note cards

"All Things Alice" die-cut note cards

Okay, moving along, once you have picked out your invitations you need to write them (duh!) This is what The Frogge would say in her invite: Dear (Insert name of guest here)… The Frogge cordially invites you to Wonderland conveniently located at (insert address of party here) on (insert date and time here.) “Do not be late for this very important date,” as the White Rabbit said! Please RSVP at (insert phone # here) or OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! 

I would “strongly encourage” that everyone wear some kind of a hat… after all this is a Mad Hatter’s tea party! I suggest to have this party on a Sunday afternoon, around 3 p.m. works nice… and I also suggest having it outside in a garden, if you can. If you don’t have a garden or access to an outdoor space… maybe a park would work? Being outside always adds something nice to any party. 

There is nothing cuter than cute girls in cute hats... or bows!

There is nothing cuter than cute girls in cute hats... or bows!

Okey dok… let’s talk decoration. Decoration is highly important because it reinforces the theme of your party and also sets the mood and creates atmosphere… I think there are mainly four elements to a party (1. the food and drinks 2. the people at the party 3. the decoration/location and 4. the music.) That said, 25% of the success of your party relies on decor! So I am just going to throw out a ton of ideas and you can pick and choose, mix and match as many of them as you want…

1. You need teacups and saucers! This is a tea party, so teacups are pretty key. Whether or not they are a set, or completely mismatched is up to you. Personally, I like when all the cups and saucers are mismatched… because this is a Mad Hatter’s tea party… we are not having a high tea with the Queen of England. If you do not have any teacups and would like to make this type of a party and are on a budget check out the salvation army stores, thrift stores, vintage stores, TJ Max, Marshalls, Century 21… all those places have cheap teacups… throw ’em in the dishwasher, and you are good to go!  

2. If you have the party outside, bring out furniture… couches, tables, chairs, lamps, mirrors, candles with candle holders, a hat rack (if any of your guests want to take their hat off.) This furniture is a reference to when Alice is falling down the rabbit hole… there is a ton of furniture in there… Also, when Alice has tea with the Mad Hatter, they are sitting outside in a garden, but at a long table… 

See! Lots & lots of furniture!

See! Lots & lots of furniture!

3. You can put out red roses… real ones, fake ones… whatever you like… or! You can buy white roses and paint them half red… this is a reference to when the cards are painting the roses red… Whether you put them in vases or scatter them around, it’s up to you… 

The Queen she likes 'em red!

The Queen she likes 'em red!

4. Get a pack of cards and scatter them around… put them face up… this is clearly a reference to the cards pictured above… 

5. You can get a croquet set and play croquet… You would be surprised as to how many places sell croquet sets including the Sports Authority… but also try ebay for a better deal. It’s also always nice to have some sort of activity at a party as well… everybody loves a little friendly competition… think beer pong, but classier… 

Who wouldn't want to spend a nice Sunday afternoon playing croquet?

Who wouldn't want to spend a nice Sunday afternoon playing croquet?

… When The Frogge had her own very mad, Mad Hatter’s tea party… she also set up a badminton net… SO FUN!

A little friendly competition can get intense... especially when you are playing in sundresses!

A little friendly competition can get intense... especially when you are playing in sundresses!

 5. Skeleton keys are everywhere now… they are easy to find… put skeleton keys all around as a reference to when Alice is locked in the room and talking to the doorknob… remember…  first she is too small to reach the key, then she is too big to fit through the door…

Alice: I simply must get through! Doorknob: Sorry, you're much too big. Simply impassible. Alice: You mean impossible? Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing's impossible.

Alice: I simply must get through! Doorknob: Sorry, you're much too big. Simply impassible. Alice: You mean impossible? Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing's impossible.

6. Put little tags on all of your food that says “Eat Me” & put little tags on all of your drinks that say “Drink Me.” 

"There seemed to be no use in waiting by the little door, so she went back to the table, half hoping she might find another key on it, or at any rate a book of rules for shutting people up like telescopes: this time she found a little bottle on it, ('which certainly was not here before,' said Alice,) and round the neck of the bottle was a paper label, with the words 'DRINK ME' beautifully printed on it in large letters.

"There seemed to be no use in waiting by the little door, so she went back to the table, half hoping she might find another key on it, or at any rate a book of rules for shutting people up like telescopes: this time she found a little bottle on it, ('which certainly was not here before,' said Alice,) and round the neck of the bottle was a paper label, with the words 'DRINK ME' beautifully printed on it in large letters.

7. Get a hookah! This is a reference to the caterpillar! And smoking hookah is really fun… I suggest apple flavored tobacco, it is a neutral flavor that most people like… 

Caterpillar: Who... are... you? Alice: Why, I hardly know, sir. I've changed so much since this morning, you see. Caterpillar: No, I do not C, explain yourself. Alice: I'm afraid I can't explain myself, you see, because I'm not myself.

Caterpillar: Who... R ... U? Alice: Why, I hardly know, sir. I've changed so much since this morning, you see. Caterpillar: No, I do not C, explain yourself. Alice: I'm afraid I can't explain myself, you see, because I'm not myself.

Those are some ideas that I came up with… I am sure there are more and if you want to come up with some other ideas yourself, buy a copy of Alice in Wonderland and skim over the pages to get inspired… you never know what you will think of… But moving along, lets talk about the food and drinks…

Drinks: Cleary, you need tea, but since it is summer, it is hot… for obvious reasons go with iced tea… put fresh slices of lemon inside a pitcher of iced tea. You can also mix iced tea with lemonade to make an Arnold Palmer (yum!)… I like variety so I would also have a strawberry lemonade in a pitcher with fresh slices of lemon and strawberries… you could also go with something a little bit less traditional like limeade… which is so good… PS- strawberry lemonade with vodka is amazing… as is limeade. If you have this party on a Sunday afternoon, you could also have “brunch” drinks such as mimosas and bloody Mary’s… don’t forget the celery stalk! 

Food: It is a tea party, so you need to have [some of] the traditional tea party foods such as… scones with jams, butter,and Devonshire cream, little sandwiches… especially cucumber sandwiches… smoked salmon sandwiches are popular too, breads, cakes, tarts, and little delicate cookies… 

Yum... The Frogge likes to cook... And then eat... Who doesn't?

Yum... The Frogge likes to cook... And then eat... Who doesn't?

But because this is a Mad Hatter’s tea party, I think you need to add in some untraditional tea party foods as well… just go with things that people love… go with whatever you love… pick stuff that you are really happy to give to people… I would suggest making a mozzarella caprese salad (don’t forget to garnish with basil!) Maybe some guacamole! Everyone loves guacamole (don’t forget to get some chips to serve it with.) For the skinny bitches, put together a vegetable platter with some dips… you can have a cream based dip like ranch if you want… but also have hummus incase any of your guests are vegan. Speaking of hummus, you can make a nice platter of hummus garnished with olives and paprika served with pita bread or pita chips… If you want to do this party but have a question feel free to email me at… I would be glad to help you.

Lastly… don’t forget the music (and avoid top 40 songs!) People hear that crap all day, everyday… when they come to your party, put on something different… It should be like, “Wow… I love this song and I haven’t heard it in so long!” or “Wow, I love this song… what is it?” During my Mad Hatter’s tea party I put on Morcheeba… they are amazing… specifically their album called Big Calm… it’s addictive. 

That’s about it… I think I have told you everything you need to know to be a successful host… now go get ’em tiger!

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: Cirque Du Rock is tonight at the Highline Ballroom! Tickets are $12 at the door and it is hosted by my lovely friend NC Shuva… it is going to be nuts… Come check it out… Doors open at 8 p.m. 



This is what Cirque Du Rock has to say about itself… “Imagine the wildest night you’ve had in your life – go ahead, take a minute. Got it? Clear in your mind? Now multiply that into an infinite loop and you might understand a tenth of the essence of Cirque du Rock. It is night of complete extravagance, where music and visual arts are combined to leave you dizzy, spellbound, and thirsty for more. Every sort of genre of music is fused together under the umbrella of heavy rock: it IS self-willed chaos. The bill is packed with amazing stage performers and sideshows including magicians, belly dancers, stilt walkers, fire eaters, and LIVE tattooing and piercing. All these elements come together to create a carnival-like atmosphere, a turbulent ride for all five senses. This is about raising questions, turning heads, and daring to blur social values. Looking for an average night on town? Go somewhere else. Want to experience a typical rock show? Can’t help you. Cirque du Rock will definitely get some people worried and some people charged. Where will you be when the debauchery goes down?”


Love your friend,

                              The Frogge ❤



Being Social at Stanton…

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Last night The Frogge had dinner with some friends at The Stanton Social (Stanton between Ludlow & Orchard.) It was a really fabulous dining experience, and The Frogge is here to tell you all about it. 

I arrived to the restaurant at 10:30, which you would think would be “a little late for dinner.” Not at The Stanton Social… by the way, their kitchen is open until 2 a.m. on Sunday-Wednesday and 3 a.m on Thursday-Saturday. It was 10:30 on a Monday night and the place was completely packed to the point where there was a wait for a table. My party was seated at a nice table on the first floor which looks like this… 

The first floor of the Stanton Social

The first floor of The Stanton Social

Since we were a large group of about seven or eight people, everyone decided that it would be best to order a lot of things and share. (By the way, that is the idea behind The Stanton Social… the menu is designed as sharing plates… this is what they have to say about themselves… “Rather than offering individual starters and main courses, The Stanton Social serves dishes that are designed for sharing among friends and are brought to the table steadily and continuously throughout the meal.” So if you want to go there and taste a lot of the choices on the menu, I do suggest to go with a bunch of people… I also suggest to make a reservation.)

Before we placed the food order, it was cocktail time. I got the Strawberry Fields which is Grey Goose Citron, fresh muddled strawberries with a lemon simple syrup, fresh lemon juice and a Riesling floater… it was really delicious, a perfect summer drink. My friend who was sitting next to me ordered a dirty martini… now you would think that a dirty martini is just a dirty martini… but apparently that is not true. For some reason the dirty martinis at The Stanton Social are the best martinis ever, not to mention they give you really nice olives (The Frogge has an olive addiction!) I also tried the Blood Orange-Jalapeno Margarita, which is amazing, especially if you like your drinks a little spicy. It is made with jalapeno-infused Sauza Commemorativo, blood orange juice, fresh lime and Cointreau. 

Then, the food started to arrive… we started off with the Grilled Pizzetta. It was made with fresh mozzarella & grana cheese, oven-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic & hot chile oil. I can not tell you how this was because it was not vegan, so I ate Wok Charred Edamame with a spicy miso glaze. If I sat here and told you everything that came to our table, we would be here all day… so in the interest of saving time  I am going to cut to the interview I did with Anthony Serignese, the general manager of The Stanton Social. 

The upstairs lounge of The Stanton Social

The upstairs lounge of The Stanton Social

The Frogge: I am here at The Stanton Social with Anthony Serignese, the general manager of The Stanton Social… tell me a little bit about the restaurant…

Anthony Serignese: We are a share plate restaurant which serves global cuisine. The restaurant is very trendy, it was Avroko designed…

TF: For people who don’t know what Avroko is, tell me what that means…

AS: Avroko is an award-winning design firm; they did everything from our uniforms to our signage. They are one of the most popular design firms in the city, even in the country right now. 

TF: Speaking of the design, I have noticed that the downstairs part of the restaurant is quite different from the upstairs… tell me the difference between those two spaces…

AS: The downstairs has a very masculine feel. It has two-toned banquets and a herringbone wine wall… In the 1940’s [the time period that inspired the design of The Stanton Social] men used to wear pants with the herringbone pattern, so that was the inspiration. The upstairs is very feminine, I am sure that you noticed the small beauty mirrors on the walls…

TF: Yes, those are gorgeous; they are my favorite things in the restaurant.

AS: There are also other feminine touches, such as the white tassels on the walls. The lounge, which is also upstairs, is also very feminine and sexy. There are cherry covered Shoji screens, which glow from behind.

TF: When did The Stanton Social first open?

AS: In 2005.

TF: So, this is four years in the making…

AS: Correct, we are very fortunate. We keep on getting busier every year.

TF: That’s fabulous… is that really true?

AS: Yes, its true. We are three times as busy now compared to when we first opened.

TF: Why do you think that is?

AS: We have great, consistent service, innovative cocktails; the food is great quality…

TF: Do you think the increase in business has to do with word of mouth?

AS: I do, if you come to a restaurant and have a great experience; you are going to tell your friends about it. It’s just how things work in New York. We are also very well received on the Internet.

TF: I know! I read about 50 reviews on, and they were all positive. I don’t think I saw a negative review… it was insane. I have never seen that. Normally places will have mixed reviews, but that wasn’t the case with The Stanton Social…

AS: I would say we are one of the top ten reviewed restaurants in New York City… its fun for us to read what people say about us on the Internet… if there is a negative review, we do what it takes to make a change… if someone doesn’t like one menu item, or they don’t feel it is as good as it used to be, we will check on that…

TF: My sources tell me that there was once a drink on the menu that had fresh, muddled watermelon in it… I heard it was the best drink on the menu… so why was it removed? Certain people are devastated about that…

AS: Yes, it was a watermelon ginger margarita. We make everything in house, and we used ginger infused simple syrup, with muddle fresh watermelon, and watermelon infused Don Julio tequila… we couldn’t put it on the cocktail list this season because the watermelons didn’t ripen quick enough, so we found a great replacement with the honey peach margarita with Don Julio reposado.

TF: What is the difference between regular Don Julio and Don Julio reposado?

AS: Reposado means its aged for a minimum of five years in an oak barrel.

TF: You guys are very serious about your tequila!

AS: We are serious about everything we do, but at the same time, we like to have fun with it.

TF: Let’s talk about the food…

AS: Our executive chef and partner is Chris Santos… he is also on Chopped, he does a lot of things with the Food Network…

TF: What is Chopped?

AS: Chopped is a show on the Food Network, Chris Santos is one of the celebrity judges. He appears on about 13 of the 26 episodes they do a season. So, Chris Santos has created most of the dishes on our menu… he has developed a really accessible menu, that is really fun and sharable… it is great for group dining… we have a lot of large tables in our dining room for this purpose.

TF: Do a lot of people have their special occasions here?

AS: Yes, we do a lot of birthday parties, bachelorette parties, anniversaries, sweet sixteen’s, graduation parties…

TF: Tell me about the cocktail menu…

AS: Seasonally they change, we try to keep it fresh and inventive… but not to the point where you are going to wait fifteen minutes for your drink…

TF: Ugh, I have been in that situation, its ridiculous…

AS: We want to make good drinks that are of a high quality…

TF: And last, tell me about your dessert menu…

AS: Jamie Sudberg is our pastry chef… she makes shared plate desserts. The warm donuts are very popular…

TF: I know, I heard they are amazing… I couldn’t eat them because I am vegan…

AS: We try to accommodate all dietary restrictions…

TF: I know, your chef was fabulous, he made me a special vegan menu… every time they brought something to our table that wasn’t vegan… there was something vegan as well. I never felt left out… it was exciting.

AS: We also have a gluten free menu.

TF: Wow, that is extremely accommodating… 

AS: That is our main goal..

So there you have it people. Thats the dish on The Stanton Social… make sure to check it out especially if you find yourself roaming around hungry on the LES… 

Love your friend,

                            The Frogge ❤

Bringing the A-Game…

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Of course The Frogge was out on the town last night as there was a lot to do! The Frogge loves Monday nights in New York City. Contrary to what you may think, Monday really is the best night to go out for a few reasons… 1. There are no weekend warriors (people who wait all week to party and only come out on Fridays and Saturdays, drink way too much, can’t handle themselves, act really annoying, and then vomit on your new shoes.) 2. There is a minimal amount of B&T (this means Bridge & Tunnel… and it DOES NOT literally mean people who live in Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey, ect (because The Frogge would never judge anybody based on where they live… B&T is more of an attitude… think, The Real Housewives of New Jersey… no one wants to party with that… I mean, can you imagine drinking a mojito next to those tacky women who tawwwk like thisssss andddd onlyyy tawwwwwk about their [fake] “boooooobbies.” Enough said.) And 3. Monday night is industry night… its the night when people who know how to go out, go out. Its the night when all the artists are out… which brings a creative twist to the party… and creativity always equals fun.

The Frogge started off her night with an accomplice at High Bar. It was a beautiful night in NYC and there was no better place to be other than a breathtaking rooftop drinking mojitos and frozen passion fruit cocktails.

High Bar

High Bar

But The Frogge could not stay and lounge around High Bar for long because she had to run downtown to Greenhouse to meet new Indie band on the scene, The Click Clack Boom.  The Frogge had never seen The Click Clack Boom play live before so she wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but they were great. The whole band brought the crazy energy and super cool vibes into the room as soon as they started their performance. Of course, the interview is below. 

The Click Clack Boom at South by Southwest

The Click Clack Boom at South by Southwest

The Frogge: I am outside of Greenhouse sitting in the middle of the sidewalk with The Click Clack Boom. And you are?

Nathaniel Hoho (lead vocals & guitar): Nathaniel…

The Frogge: And you?

Will Markley (guitar, bass, keys): Will!

The Frogge: Tell the people a little bit about The Click Clack Boom.

Nathaniel: The Click Clack Boom is a five-piece Indie rock band based out of Central, Pennsylvania. Some of the members have been living in NY since September. Right now we are recording our national debut album due for national release in the next couple of months… and we just played at Greenhouse and had a really great time thanks to Samuel Valentine.

The Frogge: Did Samuel Valentine book you?

Nathaniel: Yes.

The Frogge: While you were singing, I loved it when you jumped off the stage and plowed through the crowd and went over to Samuel to hug him. I think it shows that you are a very humble person and that you have a lot of humility. The Frogge appreciates humility in artists.

Nathaniel: Without the promoters to bring us here, we would be out of business. It’s nice that somebody like Samuel took the time to find us.

The Frogge: How did he find you?

Nathaniel: We used to have a 6th member of The Click Clack Boom, who is no longer with us.

The Frogge: Are they dead?

Nathaniel: What? No!

The Frogge: That’s how you made it sound, you said, “They are no longer with us!” What am I supposed to think that means?

Nathaniel: Let me rephrase, they are no longer in the band.

The Frogge: Ohhh… I know who it is… it’s the girl that is in the picture on your myspace page, correct?

Nathaniel: Yea, that’s her…

The Frogge: Why did she leave the band?

Nathaniel: She moved on to other endeavors with her solo project and it was hard for her to travel with us because she is in fashion school… so there were just a lot of conflicts…

The Frogge: That is not what I heard… I know the truth! Don’t lie to The Frogge… The Frogge knows all…

Will: I dropped the bomb earlier! I dropped the bomb!

Nathaniel: F**K!

The Frogge: Will is Gossip Girl over here! He told me everything! Will, can you just say, XOXO Gossip Girl?

Will: I can’t say that… I apologize… I can’t say that…

The Frogge: We need to put the truth in this interview because the truth is what’s cool… its what people are interested in. I mean, we can sit here and pretend we’re all cupcakes… and be all frosted… but that’s not real… that’s not what people are interested in… do you really think my readers care if that girl went to fashion school? No! They don’t…

Nathaniel: No comment.

The Frogge: Clearly, Nathanial Hoho is a very nice gentleman. But the truth is, that girl and Nathanial used to be in a relationship and she cheated on him… but you know what? It’s her loss… it really is.

Nathaniel: Well thank you.

The Frogge: You’re welcome. Moving along… tell me about the array of instruments you guys use…

Will: Well, everybody in the band plays everybody else’s instrument…

The Frogge: Wait! Time out! That’s amazing… you all play the guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and sing?!

Nathaniel: Definitley…

The Frogge: Wow…

Will: We also all have solo songs that we have written…

The Frogge: What a talented bunch…

Will: Well, thank you… so yeah… we all write music for the different instruments… like for example, the bass player Newman (Billy Newman) wrote some of the guitar lines…

The Frogge: I liked his fedora… very stylish…

Will: It was given to him compliments of Andy Hilfiger.

The Frogge: Oh, funny that you bring him up Andy Hilfiger because I actually saw Michael Hilfiger (he goes by Michael H) sing here not too long ago with Sami Yaffa (of The New York Dolls & Hanoi Rocks,) Earl Slick (of David Bowie,) and Steve Conte (of The New York Dolls.) It was amazing…

Will: Michael H is a great guy… and Andy has helped us out a lot.

The Frogge: Who is Andy?

Will: Tommy’s brother…

The Frogge: So many darn Hilfigers! Okay… Nathaniel, when I was watching you sing, you reminded me of Jason Lee’s character Jeff in Almost Famous… he was the singer of the band Stillwater… and at one part in the movie he says, “You know what I do. I connect. I find the one guy in the room that is not getting off, and I make him get off.” Watching you run through the audience and put your arm around people… you have such a great energy… I thought to myself, “Yeah, he is finding the one guy who is not getting off, and making him get off!”

Nathaniel: That’s a nice compliment… I have fun with this… I love playing music… and I feel like other people should have fun listening to music. I try to include everybody into the show. I mean… if we are playing by ourselves…

The Frogge: That is called a rehearsal!

Nathaniel: Right, so when the audience is there, they need to be a part of it.

The Frogge: I have to say, you are very shy off stage… especially compared to how you are on stage… would you consider yourself a shy person?

Nathaniel: No… (We all laugh at this, because it is a blatant lie!) I am just Nathaniel…

The Frogge: Its ironic but some of the best performers are incredibly shy off stage… Its like they use the stage… and the bedroom… to unleash their alter ego out into the world…

Will: There ya go! Nathaniel… she is reading your mind!

The Frogge: Alright, moving along, I wanted to ask your tambourine player (Jeremy Mertz) some questions, but he isn’t here… can you answer for him?

Nathaniel: We can do our best.

The Frogge: The tambourine is probably one of the most underrated instruments in the whole world…

Will: But he rocks that shit! He rocks it!

The Frogge: That’s what I was going to say! He does… 

Nathaniel: The tambourine is actually my favorite instrument… when I listen to records, it is the first thing I listen for… it’s my favorite thing to hear… and we love Jeremy, he brings the energy… and additional percussion to The Click Clack Boom.

The Frogge: I think you need to also get him a triangle…

Nathaniel & Will: I agree!

The Frogge: And… a cowbell! Because The Click Clack Boom has a fivvver and the only prescription is more cowbell!

Nathaniel: All day. Every day.

The Frogge: Tell me about your song that goes… OoOoOoOoOhhhh AaAaAaAahhhh… What is that… its so catchy… is it your single?

Will: We nicknamed it The Chant Song… it has the Hey Jude affect (Na na, nah nah nah nah)…

Nathaniel: It’s the single…

Will: Can I interview you?

The Frogge: Sure…

Will: What did you think of The Click Clack Boom?

The Frogge: I was very pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t see you guys play live before, so I really didn’t know what to expect… but I thought you brought it, you played a great show, and you guys have a great chemistry… you seem like you all are friends… that is really important to me, I always look for that. If I don’t see a great chemistry in between the band members, I don’t like that. For example, I saw Weezer play like two years ago… and they were good of course, but they didn’t seem connected with each other… they didn’t seem happy to share the stage with each other… it was sad to watch, it changed my opinion of them a lot…

Will: I love Weezer…

The Frogge: I love them too, I have been listening to them since I was eight years old… I have The Blue Album on tape for god’s sake… but they were not feeling each other… they are the kind of band that its better to listen to them on your Ipod… not see them live…

Nathaniel: It’s hard to work closely with really creative weirdos sometimes…

The Frogge: So is that what you guys are, creative weirdos?

Nathaniel: We all have our strange quirks…

The Frogge: Oooh, like what? Tell me…

Will: Well, lets see… Newman…

The Frogge: Newman, the bass player with the fedora…

Will: Yes, he is a really anti-social drinker… Grant (Grant Wilson) the drummer is obsessive compulsive… he is obsessed with perfection… and Jeremy he is just quirky in a lot of ways, we can’t really classify him into one category… and Nathanial has a really strange tendency to get himself into really awkward situations at any given moment…

The Frogge: Oh wow… look who is here! The other members of The Click Clack Boom! Get the F over here… lets expand this circle of love… Jeremy… I want you to talk about your tambourine playing, because it really interests me!

Jeremy Mertz (auxiliary percussion aka the tambourine, bass, keys): I shake it, and I hit it, and then I choke it, and then I suck it…

The Frogge: What does ‘choking a tambourine mean?”

Jeremy: It means you wrap your hands around it’s throat… because a tambourine has a throat.

The Frogge: Does it really? Or are you being fresh?

Jeremy: What do you think?

The Frogge: Well, I think you are lying, because the tambourine is shaped like a circle, so I don’t know which part would be considered the throat… but then again, I am not super familiar with tambourines… I mean, now that I think about it, I have seen tambourines that have one flat side…

Jeremy: I milk the funk out of it.

The Frogge: Wait… who are we missing? Everyone is here except for… Grant… where is he? Grant get over here!

Grant Wilson (drums): I need to take my pants off…

The Frogge: Well, I took my shoes off so, whatever makes you happy… So you are Grant… How did you feel about being separated from the rest of the band tonight while you were playing? (The stage at Greenhouse was too small to fit the drum kit along with all the other instruments, so Grant and the drum kit were on the upper stage while the rest of the band was on the lower stage.)

Grant: Was I separated from them? I don’t know, I play the drums with my eyes closed…

The Frogge: How did you not realize you were on a different stage? That’s kind of cause for concern…

Grant: I couldn’t see! And when I do open my eyes, I can’t see anyway because of all my damn hair!

The Frogge: Who writes the lyrics and who writes the music?

Jeremy: I write EVERYTHING!

The Frogge: You do? (everybody laughs) Are you lying?

Grant: Nathanial always comes up with the lyrics.

Nathaniel: True.

The Frogge: Who writes the music?

Grant: We all do, a lot of times Nathanial will come to us with a chord progression to a song, and then we will all come up with it together. It’s definitely a group effort.

The Frogge: That’s nice… which song means the most to you guys? I don’t mean your most popular song… I mean which song do you connect with the most on a personal level?

Will: Ghosts, for me personally…

Billy: I personally like The Negative…

Nathaniel: I like Knots, or Watch Your Eyes… that will be on the new album…

The Frogge: And what’s yours?

Grant: Narcism by Ghost Music…

The Frogge: What? Who is Ghost Music?

All: It’s his side project!

The Frogge: Excuse me, this is not the time to promote your other band, okay? This interview is about The Click Clack Boom! Geez!

Grant: If you were in Denmark and you were to wear a picture of me on your shirt, people would bow to you… its crazy over there in Denmark.

The Frogge: Is this fact or fiction?

Grant: You guys tell her… 

All: No, he really is huge in Denmark…

The Frogge: Interesting… my grandmother tells me about the Lego Land in Denmark everyday, she is obsessed.

Jeremy: I love Legos. I have a lot of them.

The Frogge: So is there a song you wish you never wrote?

Will: No comment.

Billy: I would say Howling.

The Frogge: Why?

Billy: I guess I am just sick of playing it that’s all…

The Frogge: Was that your old single, before The Chant Song?

Billy: No…

Will: A lot of times its just difficult to play a song over and over again. Its not that we dislike any of the songs, but when you play a song 200, 400, 6,000 times… its like, well lets move on and play something new, interesting, and fresh.

The Frogge: Nathaniel, what’s it like for you when you are walking through the crowd singing?

Nathaniel: It’s nice to meet a lot of new people at once.

The Frogge: You guys played for a packed house tonight…

Grant: It was a great show…

Nathaniel: Its always fun to play for a packed house…

The Frogge: So tell the people when you are playing next!

Nathaniel: Tomorrow night actually… we are playing a free show! At Piano’s… 7:45… be there! 

The Frogge: And where can people check you out?


Nathaniel Hoho singing his little heart out at Greenhouse

Nathaniel Hoho singing his little heart out at Greenhouse

The Frogge would write more but she is seriously exhausted and can not look at the computer screen for another second, it took her pretty much all day to transcribe the interview. The Frogge is in serious need of an intern. 

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: Transcribing interviews is the devil. But check out ClickClackBoom… they know how to bring their A-Game.

Avenue, Aven-Who?

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Last night I did something amazing and you need to do it too! I went to Milk Studios (15th bet 9th & 10th ave.) to check out their new exhibition that just opened. No, I did not just go for the free beer and wine (although that was a nice perk.) Anyway, I have to say that I was initially interested in this event because it is sponsored by HBO, and there is nothing that The Frogge sweats more than HBO (Six Feet Under, True Blood, Entourage! I get excited just thinking about On-Demand channel 300!) Lets face it, HBO does not F up, so I figured if this event was sponsored by them, it would be great, and it was.

The exhibition is called The Beauty of the Fight by photographer and director John Urbano. It is a collection of photographs that were taken over the course of four years in two towns, Barraza and El Chorrillo, located in Panama. There is also footage that is projected onto one of the walls.


The photographs are incredible. I can honestly say that I was moved. There was this one photo of this elderly man, the look in his eyes took my breath away. It was as if his eyes were made of glass, you could see right through them, and for this one second I caught a glimpse of another human-beings soul. It made me want to find John Urbano, grab him, hug him, and thank him.

The photo below is my absolute favorite. I looked at it and became transfixed, like, that girl in the photo could be me. What is she looking at? Who is she waiting for? I think we all feel this way from time to time… we all ask ourselves these questions. That is why this is good art, because it made me feel connected to a little girl in Panama that I have never met nor will ever meet in my life. This collection takes the barriers down between ‘our culture’ and ‘their culture’ and simply gets down to the humanity that we all possess, no matter where we are from or how much money we have. 

John Urbano

John Urbano

Anyway, the exhibit opened just yesterday and it will only be up until July 22nd so hurry up and go see it cause its over in a week! If you like the photographs, on July 30th (4:30 pm @ Chelsea Clearview Cinema) and August 2nd (12:00 pm @ Visual Arts Theatre) there will be screenings of the film, which won best documentary at the Athens Film & Video Festival. For more information on this project, visit 


Excerpt of writing by John Urbano

Alright, that got deep for a second, moving along, after I got my daily fix of culture, it was obviously time for more debauchery and reckless behavior. My taste-tester (I’ll explain later) Ms. Cassidy Gard and I headed over to Hudson Terrace to meet up with the gracious Scott Hockins for the LMFAO release party! It was a beautiful night and nothing could have been better than sitting outside and over looking the best city, New York City. 

Food and drinks were ordered, including teriyaki chicken wings (not vegan,) tuna sashimi on pita with cream-cheese (not vegan,) and sliders with BBQ sauce and guacamole (not vegan.) This is where Cassidy comes in. I have pronounced her as my official taste-tester. The verdicts were in and things are looking good over in the kitchen at H.T.

Official taste-tester Ms. Cassidy Gard

Official taste-tester Ms. Cassidy Gard

 Cassidy reported that all the food was yummy, her favorite thing being the teriyaki chicken wings. She said that they were “the perfect balance between tender and crispy and not too sweet but just sweet enough.” So for all you wing lovers out there, if you want to eat wings in the utmost style, you know where to go (not that I really advocate consuming flesh, but hey, to each his own, right?) She also said that the sliders were really good… but that they needed some lettuce and tomato. You hear that, Hudson Terrace? Add some damn L & T to your sliders, please! Ms. Gard also said they were quite spicy… so for those of you that like it hawttt… check out the sliders. 

Mr. Scott Hockins digging into some tuna sashimi

Mr. Scott Hockins digging into some tuna sashimi

As we were patiently waiting for LMFAO to get on the decks (being fashionably late can get irritating, okay LMFAO?) I spotted something fabulous that definitely deserves mention. The young lady in the picture below is Emily Corney and she was rockin’ a fabbb earring (yes, just one) made by her friend, a young L.A. designer, Kate Thompson. Kate makes feather earrings and… headdresses! (I want! I want!) Her website is not up yet, but apparently you can find her goodies on (for those of you who have never heard of Etsy, do yourself a favor and check it out STAT, it’s great.)

Emily Corney rockin' a lovely feather earring by L.A. designer Kate Thompson

Emily Corney rockin' a lovely feather earring by L.A. designer Kate Thompson

By 1:30 LMFAO still did not take their place at their special designated turntables and we were getting frustrated. There was only one thing to do, head over to Avenue. For those of you who haven’t heard of Avenue yet, it was recently opened by Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss the two gentlemen who brought us Marquee. This is a little bit difficult to write because I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy, but honestly, I was not impressed.

In the film Almost Famous, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character, Lester Bangs tells Patrick Fugit’s character, William Miller, that in order to be a successful writer you need to base your career on being “honest and unmerciful,” and that is exactly what I intend to do. 

That said, back to Avenue… I am not going to lie when I say I was excited to go there, because I was. After all, its what all the kids have been talking about these days, and supposedly, its ‘the tightest door in town.’ I also saw photos of it somewhere (maybe on and in those photos the ‘gastrolounge’ (as they are calling it, aka, they are not calling it a ‘club’) looked UNBELIEVABLE. Turns out the only thing unbelievable about those photos was the photographer! (Can you do my head shots, please?!) 

In my opinion, and I have seen many a club (or shall I say gastrolounge?) Avenue was completely one dimensional and fell flat on its face. It reminded me of when I lived in (hold your breath) New Jersey (I know, I know, eww) and in 7th grade my girlfriends and I used to go to these horribly cheesy ‘dances’ at this place called The Elks Club. I think The Elks Club had better decor than Avenue… seriously. The floor is gray concrete (can you say… recession special?) and it is covered by these really atrocious carpets that already look like crap. The walls are okay being that they are wood (which is nice and warm) but the problem is, the walls are brown and so is everything else in the club… oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say, ‘gastrolounge.’ Quite frankly, I don’t think they should have called the gastrolounge Avenue, I think they should have called it The Turd or maybe Poopies. The only thing I did like about the decor was the lighting fixture above the bar on the first floor, but the funny thing about them is they don’t even match the rest of the decor, they are just cool on their own. Also, they look extremely similar to the lighting fixtures in The Gramercy Park Hotel (can you say… unoriginal? I can.)

Lets talk about the music. Oh wait, there is nothing to say. Why? Because it wasn’t great. Don’t get me wrong here, it wasn’t horrible either, but this is supposed to be “the best place in NYC,” so why wasn’t the music anything short of mind blowing? The highlight of the night was when the mediocre DJ played “Kids in America” by The Muffs because it reminded me of my undying love for Clueless (I love you, Cher!) I am not even going to get into the fact that the DJ did not know how to mix the songs… Was she playing them off of one Ipod? Because thats how it sounded.

What else? Oh yeah. The people were completely pretentious which made the energy in the club stale. It was like one big fish bowl, every fish checking out every other fish, so on and so forth. There were only a handful of people who were dressed in an interesting fashion… You will see better fashion walking around on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg than you will in Avenue. 

Here is the bottom line: The most exciting thing about Avenue is getting in the door and that my friends, is Pathetic with a capital P. 

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: Just because Avenue supposedly ‘has the tightest door in town’ and just because ‘all the kids are talking about it’ does not mean it is actually good! Do yourself a favor and ALWAYS remember to use your OWN eyes and your OWN ears. Come to your own decisions about these things… come to your own decisions when it comes to anything! Do not be persuaded by some BS propaganda… and as Lester Bangs said, “Always remember to base your career on being honest and unmerciful.”

Love your friend,

                         The Frogge ❤

Last Night… I Got Lucky…

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Last night I got lucky. How ironic that the same exact day I decided to start a nightlife/fashion/music blog I got invited to an event that 1. was at night (clearly) 2. had a fashion show 3. had live musical performances. Well, the stars must have been aligned for The Frogge because that was exciting. This event was held at Pop (58th between 5th and Madison) and all the usual suspects were there looking fierceee. 

I have been to the uptown Pop before as a lot of my friends host tables there, that being said, when I arrived I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But, I knew one thing, I had to pee, so I immediately did the trek up the 2 long flights of stairs and ventured towards the bathroom. On my way up I got a sneak peak at the models getting ready for the show as well as the bands tuning their instruments. Kira Sherrine, a former FIT grad was the designer showing her line. The models looked great in her duds which had a very natural, earthy feel. Unfortunately, I do not have any pics of the fashion show  😦   but I did find this adorable pic of sleepwear that she designed…

Kira Sherrine

(Kira… I want those PJ’s girl… really, really cute.) But what was really great about this event was artist Daren Chambers was there, paintbrush in hand, creating lovely works of art in front of our faces. You can check his work out on *For those of you who like jazz, you will especially appreciate this… I think they are lovely, especially this one…



After some veggie burgers at Pop (which are really yummy, I definitely recommend them) it was off to Stanton Social. It was the first time I had been there and I was pleasantly surprised. We sat down for dinner with our gracious host Mr. Dave Delzio when one of my darling friends who will remain nameless decided to fling a tiny piece of lettuce at another man at the table. Lets just say, the other man was not pleased and responded by throwing an entire glass of whiskey on my nameless friend, however most of the whiskey ended up on me and my favorite jumper. I said, “Excuse me, are you aware that you just poured your entire drink on me and now I am soaking wet?” and this man said, “Don’t be too upset, that whiskey was better than Johnny Walker Blue Label.” All I have to say is… what an idiot. Because of him I smelt like whiskey for the rest of the night, although I did have some girl ask me “what perfume I was wearing” after the incident. Interesting… maybe her mother was an alcoholic and my smell reminded her of her childhood? 

After the whiskey was wiped up, dinner at Stanton was served… salad with some kind of shredded cheese and corn, fish tacos, raviolis, meatballs… all which looked and smelled really yummy but I can’t tell you from personal experience as nothing was vegan. Marty E from The Dirty Pearls moseyed in and we talked about the release party for their new singled called “New York City Is A Drug,” a really great, catchy tune that is being picked up by Sirius XM Radio as soon as The Pearls release it into the world. The release party will be on Thursday July 23rd at Santos Party House (tickets are available at for $10.) The show starts at 8 pm, so don’t be late! We were also hanging with singer Bianca Linta who just recently recorded a remake of LMFAO’s “I’m In Miami Bitch.” Her remake is called “I’m In NYC Bitch” and thank god, because who really gives a shit about being in Miami anyway? Miami… sucks. Her version of the song is getting some play at The Box, which I would say is a nice steppingstone considering this chick only moved here from Romania 4 short years ago. I will put up the link to the song later for all of you New Yorkers to enjoy. 

Stanton Social’s lounge upstairs is beautiful as well and oh-so-chic, but as it was an amazing night (weather wise) we decided to head over to Above Allen at the Thompson Hotel (Not to be confused with the Thompson Hotel that is in SoHo… people seem to be making that mistake) to enjoy the rooftop. All I have to say is, I’m down with any place that is playing The Smiths as I walk in the door, and I did not stop them, even though I knew I heard that song before  🙂   The views from Above Allen are really intoxicating, especially on a night that was as clear as last night. I would have stayed there for the rest of the night gazing wistfully at The Chrysler Building, but I promised my dear friend Samuel Valentine that I would make an appearance at Greenhouse for the weekly Monday night Rock N’ Roll party. 

I pranced through the doors of Greenhouse at probably 2:30 am, and it was still packed. Samuel Valentine and Scott Hockins must know how to throw a party to keep people out and about at all hours of the night, especially being that it was a Monday. I stayed for a bit and then contemplated going to Le Royale for after hours, but by that point I was exhausted and decided it was time to go home… I told my disappointed friend PDM that I had to go because I had stuff to do in the morning, when he replied with…


That said, you stay classy New York City.

Love your friend,

                            The Frogge ❤