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Celebrating Gina Sachi Cody

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Please join The Cody Family at “A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words” in celebrating Gina Sachi Cody’s memory at the Opening of her first Photography Gallery, on what would have been her 25th birthday. All proceeds to benefit the National Aphasia Association.

When: Tuesday, December 28th from 6:00 – 9:oo PM

Where: The Xchange: 640 West 28th Street 9th Floor


If anybody has any further questions or would like to speak/perform in honor of Gina, please email me directly at and I will connect you to Gina’s sister who has organized this event.

S e e   y o u   t h e r e .


Love your friend,

The Frogge ♥


♥ G i n a S a c h i C o d y ♥

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It’s been a week since Gina Sachi Cody has left us and though I wish I could say that “I’m okay,” I’m not. The truth is, my heart is broken. I remember the first time I met Gina. I was being photographed for Good Night Mr. Lewis, a nightlife column written by Steve Lewis in Blackbook Magazine, and she was the photographer. We were in the basement of the post-Plumm, pre-Darby space and Steve introduced us. She told me where to stand, and began to click away as I did this & that… I remember feeling very at east in front of her camera. There was something about her… Perhaps it was her beautiful, big, brown eyes… I knew right away that I could trust her.

How It All Began / October 2009 / Photo by Gina Sachi Cody.

After the shoot, we exchanged numbers and a new friendship began. We started to bump into each other everywhere, as most of us creatures of the night tend to do… I was always happy to bump into Gina. She had one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen & lots of good energy that I could always feel when I was around her.

Our Bright, Beautiful Girl...

A few months after we met, my birthday rolled around. “I made you something,” she said so proudly into the phone, “When can I give it to you?!” We met up in the East Village and I unwrapped a flat, rectangular shaped object… What could it be? Of course… It was  the picture she had taken of me for Blackbook, except she had done something really interesting to it. Certainly Gina could explain the technique much better, but I think she had it printed on some sort of special photo paper, and then she peeled away the top layer of the photo, which made the photo look sort of distressed, “vintage-ish.” She had it framed, and I immediately hung it up in my apartment by the staircase which leads up to my lofted bedroom.

The last time I saw her was on Thursday, October 28th, just a few days before she passed. We were at Mick Rock‘s opening at the Morrison Hotel on the Bowery. It was completely packed. I was just wandering around, taking in the people and looking at Mick’s photos when I heard my name being called. I turned around… It was Gina… She looked so beautiful, so full of life… She grabbed my wrist and held my forearm tightly as she spoke to me a mile a minute about the magazine she was starting. She was so excited, she was so proud, her eyes were so wide, like a child… She was telling me something about going to Japan and how much she loved The Frogge… that when her magazine was started, she wanted me to be a part of it… that she wanted me to write for Prescribed Mag. I said that of course I would and that we should talk about it  more specifically when she had more details. We walked next door to John Varvatos to see Jamie Burke’s new band, Delilah & Adam Green. Gina & I stood right up front… We danced wildly, hand in hand, and she took lots of pictures with not one, but two cameras…

That is how I will always remember her. Beautiful, glowing, excited, full of life with endless possibilities… I only wish I knew it was the last time that I was going to see her… She took a Polaroid of my friends & I that night… She made me promise to upload it… “Don’t forget to upload that! Promise you won’t forget?” she said. “I won’t, I promise, I won’t.” And here it is… The last picture of me taken by Gina.


Morrison Hotel / October 28th, 2010 / Photo by Gina Sachi Cody.

The best thing about that Polaroid is that is has her handwriting on the bottom. “Get Prescribed,” it says, to promote the magazine she was so excited to start. It’s sort of ironic to that our friendship started and ended with a photograph. Isn’t is sort of strange that I know the exact first and exact last picture she ever took of me?

I don’t think I can write anymore, as my heart is literally aching… But there is one more thing that I want to say. We are organizing a memorial for Gina. Larry Santos, Dave Delzio, Nia & Steve are also involved. We don’t have the exact date picked out yet, but we are working on it. It will be held at Santos Party House. We are doing this because we know there were a lot of “city people” who wanted to attend Gina’s wake but couldn’t get out to Jersey for this reason or that… If you are reading this and want to be involved in anyway, please don’t be a stranger. Feel free to email me directly anytime at When I know the exact details, I will do my best to spread the word, and I really, really hope that you all attend.

Until then…

Love your aching friend,

The Frogge ❤

Capturing Moments, Influencing Pop Culture & Having a Good Time!

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I’m at the Stellan Holm Gallery on the Upper East Side waiting for my chance to speak with the man of the hour, Los Angeles based pop artist, Paul Rusconi. The white walls that surround me are adorned with eleven 5.6 x 4 foot portraits of America’s top and most talented pro-skateboarders. Paul turns, I catch his attention, introduce myself and ask the question I need to know, “Why pro-skateboarders?”

He begins to explain the inspiration for his series. “I was at a couture show in Paris,” he says, “I believe it was Dior, and on one of the couture gowns, there was a pattern of skateboards. It really grabbed me. I thought it was so interesting.”

The portraits are beautifully executed. I ask him about the process he went through to create each one.

Pro Skateboarder JASON ADAMS in front of his pop art portrait by artist PAUL RUSCONI

“I took about 10 to 20 digital photos of each of the skateboarders,” he says. I am truly surprised by this information. Each of Paul’s portraits are going for $25,000. It was hard for me to believe that only 10-20 photos needed to be taken. “It’s not about the digital photos,” Paul explains, “It’s about them [the skateboarders,] the way the light hits their face, they each have such huge personalities. I wanted to capture that.”

Ms. Lizzie Grubman w/ LA based artist Paul Rusconi & Friend

The photo is then digitally screened onto four different layers of Plexiglas, each layer a different color of benday dots. He uses cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. When you step back, the benday dots create a gray scale. The dots create an optical illusion, if you squint your eyes a certain way, they come into focus. The background of the portrait that lies behind the benday dots is painted in nail polish. Out of curiosity, I ask him if he prefers a specific brand?

“I once did a project where I only used Chanel, but for this series, it was all about the color. If I found a color I liked, I would order cases of it. If I couldn’t get a case, I would scour the drug stores, or departments stores in search of more bottles.”


Love your friend,

The Frogge ❤

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When You Look, Make Sure You See…

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When The Frogge was a first year acting student, she was sitting in class, wide-eyed, so excited, not knowing what to expect. Her teacher walked in, a tall, strong, serious man, the kind of man you know not to F with. At first glance, he looked very intimidating, but when The Frogge looked into his eyes, she knew he had a good heart… and a lot to offer, so she paid very close attention. He stood in front of the class looking us all up and down, sizing us up, making his predictions about who could hack it and who would crumble under the pressure of the harsh world known as The Theatre. I was waiting for him to speak, I was just dyinggg to know what the first words out of his mouth were going to be… and then… he kind of shook his head, nodding it this way and that… then he pointed his finger at us and said… “When you look, make sure you see.” 

Now, I am sitting there in the first row with my notebook and pencil in hand, and I am thinking to myself, What The F? I just paid X amount of dollars to be told to “see” when I “look.” What did that even mean? Obviously everybody “sees” when they “look,” right? Right? WRONG. 

Most people do not see when they look (I know this now, but it is not something you can learn overnight. I know this now thanks to many hours of acting classes and many hours spent literally just observing people.) Most people run around this world with their head up their butts because they are too afraid to really see what is in front of their face. “What if it is scary? What if I don’t like what I see?” these people think to themselves. So they walk around only half alive because they are too afraid to experience ALL it is that we as human beings can experience. In the end it is their own loss… if you are too afraid to experience the ugly, you will miss out on the beautiful. 

During that first year at acting school, we all had to read this book called The Spoon River Anthology. In the book one of the characters says, “One should be all dead when one is half dead. Nor ever mock life, nor ever cheat love.” This is something that I think about every single day… 

So why am I telling this all to you? Hmmm?  Of course I have a reason. The Frogge always has her reasons. Well, yesterday The Frogge did a bunch of things… as usual. I met up with some friends, went over to The Siren Festival in Coney Island… played on the beach… tried to burry my friend in the sand… then I headed over to (gasppp!) another bar! However, I specifically went over to The Trash Bar in Williamsburg because my friends band (The Party Death) was playing (along with 9 other bands… isn’t that great? 10 bands in one night for only $7 bucks… ya can’t beat that! So if you like Rock N’ Roll check out The Trash Bar. 256 Grand Street @ Roebling.) But anyway, while I was at The Trash Bar, I started to feel really sick (The Frogge has a sensitive tummy and is borderline suffering from exhaustion.) The loud music was making me feel even worse, so I had to leave. That said, I woke up this morning, or shall I say afternoon, with nothing that really inspired me from yesterday to write about. And I would never write about something unless I was truly inspired by it. I know you guys are all busy people, and if I don’t give a crap about what I am writing about, why should you? But I wanted to write a post, so to get inspired I started looking through all my pics on Iphoto and this is what I found. 

"The Settlers" by Romanian artist Nova Mihai Popa

"The Settlers" by Romanian artist Nova Mihai Popa

What is that a picture of, you may be wondering? It is of a huge, HUGE (I want to call it a sculpture, but I am not sure if that is even the right word? … so I am just going to call it a piece…) piece by Romanian artist Nova Mihai Popa. Where is this piece located, you may be wondering? Well, The Frogge is here to tell you everything.

A few weeks ago, I believe it was the weekend of June 20th, The Frogge went out to the Hamptons to share a house with a bunch of crazy kids. On the way, I saw this market with a big sign outside that read, “Fresh Strawberries For Sale.” I turned to my accomplice and said, “Lets stop and get some strawberries, I bet they are amazing.” She said okay, so we parked my car in front of the market and went inside in search of some goodies. Now, this is a little bit difficult to explain, so bear with me, the market looked like a barn (it probably used to be a barn, and you know how barns have huge doors.) Naturally, we walked in through the front… but the back of this market/barn had the huge doors as well, and they were open. So, I am shopping around: Strawberries, check. Jam, check. Guacamole, check. Pita chips, check. When all of a sudden, I look up and through the back of the market/barn’s doors, I see the most interesting house I have ever seen in my life… and I think to myself, “What the F is that?” I NEED to know. 

Nova's Ark: The house built by artist Nova Mihai Popa and his partner Tundra.

Nova's Ark: The house built by artist Nova Mihai Popa and his partner Tundra.

I go over to the checkout line to pay for my stuff, and I ask the girl at the counter, “What is that amazing blue house over there on the other side of the road?” She says it is a house built by the artist Nova Mihai Popa… I ask her if anybody actually lives there… she says, yes, there are people that live in the house. I pay for my stuff, grab my friend, and drive to the front of this house. Low and behold… there is a phone number to call posted on a sign! I was so excited, I give my friend my cell phone, and I am like, “Call the number!! Call the number!!” (I couldn’t do it myself because I was driving, and I currently have 2 tickets that I still have to deal with… yeah, yeah, The Frogge is a badass.) My friend calls the number, and a lady picks up, but we don’t know who she is… turns out it was Tundra, Nova Mihai Popa’s partner! We tell her we are in love with the house and that we don’t come to the Hamptons very often… we ask her if we can see the house. She agrees (because, as we found out later, she is amazing.) I turn my car around and start driving back towards the house, I park in front, she lets us in.

Inside of Nova's Ark

Inside of Nova's Ark

And this is what we walk into. Pretty much the coolest house on the planet Earth. The whole house is made of wood and was built by Nova and Tundra. If you look at the picture of the house (from the outside, 2 pics above) you will see that it is kind of shaped like a circle. This is so the house has a very small footprint on the soil, it makes the house more green. Also, the house was made from all recycled materials (all the wood came from an old church… you can read more about the ‘greenness’ of Nova’s Ark at  The other building, next to the blue house was Nova’s studio.

Then Tundra tells us that Nova had recently passed on March 28, 2009. I started to cry, I just couldn’t control it… I was so moved… this was the most interesting house I have ever seen in my life, and it was green (as you probably know by now, from reading previous posts, I am vegan, so the fact that this house was green really resonated with me) and I am just standing there, in the middle of it all, with Nova’s lifelong partner Tundra (they met when she was very young in Central Park… I know… so cute) and she tells me that he just passed. So, I started to cry, and then she started to cry, and then we were hugging each other, and then she said, “I am so glad that you decided to call the number and come by.” And I said, “Don’t people call this number EVERYDAY and ask you to see the house?” And she said no, and I just couldn’t believe it. She said, “Either people do not really see the house, they just kind of drive by it, and don’t notice, or they are too afraid to call the number.” 

To drive by such an amazing thing and not even see it is just so sad. Or, to see it, and be interested in it, but too afraid to call the number is also sad. And that is what I was talking about! Seeing when you look… actually seeing… and taking things in and letting them affect you… being a human being… not just walking around like some zombie who solely communicates with other human life through text messages and facebook wall posts. Don’t get me wrong, I like facebook, and text messages… but there has to be more for our generation… there has to be more… and there is… if you let yourself experience it. 

So anyway, I am standing there, and crying, and hugging, and were talking, and Tundra is showing me all the newspaper articles written about Nova, and she is telling me his life story, how he had to escape from Romania (because it was communist… and the government did not allow Nova to leave Romania even though he wanted to come to America to pursue his art.) Nova ran away from Romania with NOTHING except a small backpack and the clothes on his back. He survived on his journey by eating random things that he found along the way, he was starving most of the way… finally he ended up in Italy… he had to swim some crazy distance, apparently he almost drowned… and then from Italy he eventually came over to the states (Tundra explains this story much better than I do, by the way.) 

THEN, she says to me… “If you like this house get in your car and drive to the gravel driveway down the road. Go up the driveway, and when you see a little house, park your car… then walk up the gravel hill, and you will be there.” And I am like, “I’ll be where? Where will I be?” And she goes… “Just do it, just go… find the gravel driveway, go in, and walk up the hill, you will see.” So, I thank her for everything, for letting me into her home, for the tour of the house, for her time, for telling me the whole story, we exchange numbers… I get in my car, and I find this driveway that she is talking about. I park my car, get out, and walk up the hill… and I was just blown away… this is what I found…

"The Soldiers" by Nova Mihai Popa

"The Soldiers" by Nova Mihai Popa

 Those are “The Soldiers” … but wait… there’s more… 

"The Astronauts" by Nova Michai Popa

"The Astronauts" by Nova Michai Popa

These are “The Astronauts” …

"The Settlers" by Nova Michai Popa

"The Settlers" by Nova Michai Popa

And these are “The Settlers.” There are more… including, “The Bell,” “The Galaxy,” “The Sun,” ect… and they are all beautiful, but the ones that I have posted are my favorite. All these statues are in an open field, and when you see them all together at one time, its breathtaking. It looks like aliens have come to Earth and left behind these huge, metal, amazing things… the field which they are in is also surrounded by horses, which makes for a really interesting effect. Its like man+art+nature all together in perfect harmony. 

That leads me to… THE RIBBIT OF THE DAY:  YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO FIND OR WHAT YOU CAN DISCOVER ON ANY GIVEN DAY (I went to the Hamptons that day with completely superficial intentions, to go swimming, to lay out and to party at Georgica and Dune… but clearly, the universe had bigger plans in store for The Frogge.) SO OPEN UP YOUR EYES, AND WHEN YOU LOOK… MAKE SURE YOU SEE. 

Love your friend,

                              The Frogge ❤

What Happens in Brooklyn… [Does Not] Stay in Brooklyn…

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Last night The Frogge ventured into Brooklyn, and for those of you who think its a big deal to leave Manhattan and go into Brooklyn, you really need to get over it because it’s not. Williamsburg happens to be closer to Union Square than the Upper West Side, so lets get real here and realize that Brooklyn is 1. close 2. still a first world country and 3. has a lot to offer… 

Anyway, I went over to the McKibbin Lofts because a bunch of local artists put together a multimedia art party. There was everything from paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs to films, DJs, bands, and performance artists. The Lowbrow Society who was responsible for putting together this grand event really was not kidding when they said it was going to be a multimedia art party (keyword: multi.)  

There are a lot of young artists in New York City who are doing very interesting work and I think in this day and age it is extremely important to take matters into your own hands and get your work out there in any way you can. If that means getting together with twenty of your artist friends and putting together your own show, do it, more power to you. 

Artist Gwynn Galitzer using My Little Pony as a social commentary

Artist Gwynn Galitzer using My Little Pony as a social commentary

Clearly, a lot of effort was put into this event and it was very inspiring to see such a young community of artists coming together and supporting each others work. I really loved the piece above by artist Gwynn Galitzer. Ms. Galitzer uses the popular icon My Little Pony as a social commentary. The piece pictured above is just one of many pieces that were shown last night by Gwynn. 

Unfortunately, as I was snapping away my camera decided to die. This is because The Frogge has been out 9 straight nights in a row, and when you go to sleep at 5:30 am every morning, things tend to slip your mind… things like charging the battery to your camera. There was only one thing to do… enlist my acquaintance Nate ‘Igor’ Smith to share his photos with The Frogge. Many of you who run around NYC may know Igor and his popular website (Did you know that he gets over a million hits per year? Pretty good Igor, pretty good.) Anywhoo, I gave him my email address asking him to share some of his photos with me and this is what he sent over… Thank you Igor… 

Photo taken by Nate 'Igor' Smith of

Photo taken by Nate 'Igor' Smith of

Do you even realize that the girl in the photo is wearing moon shoes! Because if you stop staring at her boobies (or her pee-pee,) you will see that she is! When I first opened up my email and saw this photo, I was a little surprised (I left the party before people started taking their clothes off.) So, I didn’t exactly expect to see a naked lady pop up on my screen. And then I started wondering to myself, ‘should I put this up?… should I not put this up? Is this the kind of picture that I want on The Frogge?’ And then I thought to myself, who cares. And now, the more I look at the photo, the more I like it… and I hope you do too!

I had to leave the Lowbrow Society party early because I had tickets to see one of my favorite New York based bands Hypernova. They are truly phenomenal and if you haven’t heard of them already I am sure that you will hear of them soon. Check them out on their MySpace page and listen to their song Fairy Tales because it is nothing short of amazing. 

The beautiful boys of Hypernova

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest mother fucker of them all?

I will have an interview with Hypernova for you soon… and there will be a lot to talk about, especially since these boys are working very hard to bring awareness about the political situation that is currently happening in Iran known as The Green Movement. More information is available about this on Their next show is tomorrow (7/19) at The Mercury Lounge (LES.) Tickets are available on ticketmaster for $10 and all proceeds are going to keeping the Iranian struggle in the news. Please come out and support not only wonderful musicians but a very important political cause.

The show last night was held at 92/Y Tribeca (200 Hudson Street @ Canal.) 92/Y Tribeca is a very, very cool center for the arts. If you don’t know what it is, check out their websites, They have movie premiers, concerts, a (kosher) restaurant, classes (art, music, writing, foreign languages, film, ect,) a bar, an art gallery… there is a lot going on over there and… the space is very modern, clean, and beautiful. After Hypernova played a band called BM Linx took the stage and then I realized, ‘Ohhhhhh… I have seen you guys play before… thats why your name sounds familiar to me!’ They played a great show, I was very impressed and then I felt compelled to interview them and share what I’ve learned with all of you!

BM Linx

BM Linx

 The Frogge: Okay, you guys are BM Linx… I just want to start off by saying you guys just played a great show… I really enjoyed it… while I was watching you guys, I realized I have seen you play before, I think it was at Greenhouse?

BM Linx: Yes, we have played at Greenhouse before…

The Frogge: Ahh, yes, I knew it! But this was a much, much better show… don’t get me wrong!! I didn’t think the show at Greenhouse was bad!  I just think it has to do a lot with the fact that the stage here at 92/Y Tribeca is much larger, and movement clearly seems to be a big part of the way you guys play… you need a lot of space to do what you want to do…

Tony Diadore (Singer/Songwriter/Guitar): Yes, you are right… Jonathan is actually a dancer…

The Frogge: Oh wow, you are? Tell me about that… what kind of dance do you do? 

Jonathan Murray (Bass): Well, back when I lived in DC, I was into the rave scene…

The Frogge: The rave scene? Interesting… so is that where you are from? DC?

Murray: Yes, but I have been living in New York for seven years now, so I feel like a New Yorker. 

The Frogge: Where are you guys from? You over there… I hear your accent… where is that from?

Griff (Drums): I am from Birmingham… in England…

The Frogge: I know where Birmingham is thank you very much! Geez… 

Diadore: But there’s also a Birmingham in Alabama… 

The Frogge: Clearly he does not have an accent from Alabama! Thank god… and Tony, where are you from?

Diadore: Me, I am from Indiana… 

The Frogge: I can tell because you seem very sweet… 

(Their friend May chimes in… “He is!”) 

The Frogge: How long have you guys been together?

Murray: About three, three and a half years now…

The Frogge: Nice… How did you guys get together? Because you are from Indiana, you are from England, and you are from DC… how did you all cross paths? 

Griff: Tony and I used to be in a band together called Puracane, which still exists…

Diadore: His wife (pointing at Griff) is the lead singer…

The Frogge: (to Murray) So how do you fit into the picture?

Murray: I knew Tony, and one day he told me I should be in the band, but I didn’t play anything, he told me to learn the bass… he (pointing at Tony) gave me like two weeks to get my shit together and then two weeks later we played our first show… I was horrible! 

The Frogge: That is crazy! So you specifically learned the bass just so you could join BM Linx.

Murray: Yes…

The Frogge: Where was that first show?

Murray: It was at a place called Snitch…

The Frogge: Oh my god! I loved , loved, loved Snitch! It was my second home… I used to live down the block from it and just walk over there all the time…

Murray: Maybe you saw us play at Snitch then, too.

The Frogge: I am not sure… that was a long time ago… three and a half years, right?

Murray: Yes…

The Frogge: So, your first show that you played at Snitch was your worst show… which one was your best?

Murray: We played a show in Montreal… have you ever been there?

The Frogge: Actually, no… I have been to many places in Canada, just never Montreal for some reason… What was the name of the venue?

Murray: It is called… (Jonathan says somethings in French)…

The Frogge: Sorry, I don’t speak French…

Murray: It translates to ‘Electric Ass-Cheeks.’ 

The Frogge: Are you Fing with me? Because I will write that in the interview… 

Murray: No, I am completely serious! It really does translate to ‘Electric Ass-Cheeks.’ 

The Frogge: Well then, sounds very interesting, when I go to Montreal, I am definitely going to check it out.

Griff: That was a great show, so many people, girls were on guys shoulders, taking their clothes off, flashing us their boobies…

The Frogge: Is that what makes a show good for you guys? When girls flash their boobies at you?

Griff: Oh, definitely, boobies always make things better… 

The Frogge: Okay, hold on, lets talk about this for a second on a serious level… tell me what happens to you guys on stage when you have a great audience… how does it affect your show?

Diadore: Its great, you are giving them your energy, and they are giving you their energy, and its really a back and forth, a give and take but… eventually, it really becomes their [the audiences] show. It becomes about them… 

The Frogge: Do you have any albums out?

Diadore: Yes, two. The first one is called Portable Genius… I made it in my closet.

The Frogge: In your closet? 

Diadore: Yes… and the second one is called… Black Entertainment, which I made half of it in my closet, half of it in a studio… Stratosphere Studio… and Alan Boulder, who has worked with Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, and U2 mixed half of the album…

The Frogge: Oh wow, that is amazing… I love Smashing Pumpkins, who doesn’t? Well thats great… so does that mean you are signed?

Diadore: Yes, we are under a label called Craze Factory.

The Frogge: From what I hear, its extremely difficult to be under a label these days…

Diadore: Yes, we are very happy to be under Craze Factory, they are good to us. 

The Frogge: Okay, lets wrap this up… tell the people where they can catch you next!

Murray: Thursday August 27th we are playing a show downtown at Crash Mansion…

The Frogge: Awesome… I am looking forward to it… I hope they have a very large stage so you can do your thing!

Left: Jonathan Murry. Center: Tony Diadore. Right: Griff (Just Griff... watch out Madonna!)

Left: Jonathan Murry. Center: Tony Diadore. Right: Griff (Just Griff... watch out Madonna!)



Love your friend,

                             The Frogge ❤

Avenue, Aven-Who?

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Last night I did something amazing and you need to do it too! I went to Milk Studios (15th bet 9th & 10th ave.) to check out their new exhibition that just opened. No, I did not just go for the free beer and wine (although that was a nice perk.) Anyway, I have to say that I was initially interested in this event because it is sponsored by HBO, and there is nothing that The Frogge sweats more than HBO (Six Feet Under, True Blood, Entourage! I get excited just thinking about On-Demand channel 300!) Lets face it, HBO does not F up, so I figured if this event was sponsored by them, it would be great, and it was.

The exhibition is called The Beauty of the Fight by photographer and director John Urbano. It is a collection of photographs that were taken over the course of four years in two towns, Barraza and El Chorrillo, located in Panama. There is also footage that is projected onto one of the walls.


The photographs are incredible. I can honestly say that I was moved. There was this one photo of this elderly man, the look in his eyes took my breath away. It was as if his eyes were made of glass, you could see right through them, and for this one second I caught a glimpse of another human-beings soul. It made me want to find John Urbano, grab him, hug him, and thank him.

The photo below is my absolute favorite. I looked at it and became transfixed, like, that girl in the photo could be me. What is she looking at? Who is she waiting for? I think we all feel this way from time to time… we all ask ourselves these questions. That is why this is good art, because it made me feel connected to a little girl in Panama that I have never met nor will ever meet in my life. This collection takes the barriers down between ‘our culture’ and ‘their culture’ and simply gets down to the humanity that we all possess, no matter where we are from or how much money we have. 

John Urbano

John Urbano

Anyway, the exhibit opened just yesterday and it will only be up until July 22nd so hurry up and go see it cause its over in a week! If you like the photographs, on July 30th (4:30 pm @ Chelsea Clearview Cinema) and August 2nd (12:00 pm @ Visual Arts Theatre) there will be screenings of the film, which won best documentary at the Athens Film & Video Festival. For more information on this project, visit 


Excerpt of writing by John Urbano

Alright, that got deep for a second, moving along, after I got my daily fix of culture, it was obviously time for more debauchery and reckless behavior. My taste-tester (I’ll explain later) Ms. Cassidy Gard and I headed over to Hudson Terrace to meet up with the gracious Scott Hockins for the LMFAO release party! It was a beautiful night and nothing could have been better than sitting outside and over looking the best city, New York City. 

Food and drinks were ordered, including teriyaki chicken wings (not vegan,) tuna sashimi on pita with cream-cheese (not vegan,) and sliders with BBQ sauce and guacamole (not vegan.) This is where Cassidy comes in. I have pronounced her as my official taste-tester. The verdicts were in and things are looking good over in the kitchen at H.T.

Official taste-tester Ms. Cassidy Gard

Official taste-tester Ms. Cassidy Gard

 Cassidy reported that all the food was yummy, her favorite thing being the teriyaki chicken wings. She said that they were “the perfect balance between tender and crispy and not too sweet but just sweet enough.” So for all you wing lovers out there, if you want to eat wings in the utmost style, you know where to go (not that I really advocate consuming flesh, but hey, to each his own, right?) She also said that the sliders were really good… but that they needed some lettuce and tomato. You hear that, Hudson Terrace? Add some damn L & T to your sliders, please! Ms. Gard also said they were quite spicy… so for those of you that like it hawttt… check out the sliders. 

Mr. Scott Hockins digging into some tuna sashimi

Mr. Scott Hockins digging into some tuna sashimi

As we were patiently waiting for LMFAO to get on the decks (being fashionably late can get irritating, okay LMFAO?) I spotted something fabulous that definitely deserves mention. The young lady in the picture below is Emily Corney and she was rockin’ a fabbb earring (yes, just one) made by her friend, a young L.A. designer, Kate Thompson. Kate makes feather earrings and… headdresses! (I want! I want!) Her website is not up yet, but apparently you can find her goodies on (for those of you who have never heard of Etsy, do yourself a favor and check it out STAT, it’s great.)

Emily Corney rockin' a lovely feather earring by L.A. designer Kate Thompson

Emily Corney rockin' a lovely feather earring by L.A. designer Kate Thompson

By 1:30 LMFAO still did not take their place at their special designated turntables and we were getting frustrated. There was only one thing to do, head over to Avenue. For those of you who haven’t heard of Avenue yet, it was recently opened by Noah Tepperberg and Jason Strauss the two gentlemen who brought us Marquee. This is a little bit difficult to write because I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy, but honestly, I was not impressed.

In the film Almost Famous, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character, Lester Bangs tells Patrick Fugit’s character, William Miller, that in order to be a successful writer you need to base your career on being “honest and unmerciful,” and that is exactly what I intend to do. 

That said, back to Avenue… I am not going to lie when I say I was excited to go there, because I was. After all, its what all the kids have been talking about these days, and supposedly, its ‘the tightest door in town.’ I also saw photos of it somewhere (maybe on and in those photos the ‘gastrolounge’ (as they are calling it, aka, they are not calling it a ‘club’) looked UNBELIEVABLE. Turns out the only thing unbelievable about those photos was the photographer! (Can you do my head shots, please?!) 

In my opinion, and I have seen many a club (or shall I say gastrolounge?) Avenue was completely one dimensional and fell flat on its face. It reminded me of when I lived in (hold your breath) New Jersey (I know, I know, eww) and in 7th grade my girlfriends and I used to go to these horribly cheesy ‘dances’ at this place called The Elks Club. I think The Elks Club had better decor than Avenue… seriously. The floor is gray concrete (can you say… recession special?) and it is covered by these really atrocious carpets that already look like crap. The walls are okay being that they are wood (which is nice and warm) but the problem is, the walls are brown and so is everything else in the club… oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say, ‘gastrolounge.’ Quite frankly, I don’t think they should have called the gastrolounge Avenue, I think they should have called it The Turd or maybe Poopies. The only thing I did like about the decor was the lighting fixture above the bar on the first floor, but the funny thing about them is they don’t even match the rest of the decor, they are just cool on their own. Also, they look extremely similar to the lighting fixtures in The Gramercy Park Hotel (can you say… unoriginal? I can.)

Lets talk about the music. Oh wait, there is nothing to say. Why? Because it wasn’t great. Don’t get me wrong here, it wasn’t horrible either, but this is supposed to be “the best place in NYC,” so why wasn’t the music anything short of mind blowing? The highlight of the night was when the mediocre DJ played “Kids in America” by The Muffs because it reminded me of my undying love for Clueless (I love you, Cher!) I am not even going to get into the fact that the DJ did not know how to mix the songs… Was she playing them off of one Ipod? Because thats how it sounded.

What else? Oh yeah. The people were completely pretentious which made the energy in the club stale. It was like one big fish bowl, every fish checking out every other fish, so on and so forth. There were only a handful of people who were dressed in an interesting fashion… You will see better fashion walking around on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg than you will in Avenue. 

Here is the bottom line: The most exciting thing about Avenue is getting in the door and that my friends, is Pathetic with a capital P. 

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: Just because Avenue supposedly ‘has the tightest door in town’ and just because ‘all the kids are talking about it’ does not mean it is actually good! Do yourself a favor and ALWAYS remember to use your OWN eyes and your OWN ears. Come to your own decisions about these things… come to your own decisions when it comes to anything! Do not be persuaded by some BS propaganda… and as Lester Bangs said, “Always remember to base your career on being honest and unmerciful.”

Love your friend,

                         The Frogge ❤

Last Night… I Got Lucky…

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Last night I got lucky. How ironic that the same exact day I decided to start a nightlife/fashion/music blog I got invited to an event that 1. was at night (clearly) 2. had a fashion show 3. had live musical performances. Well, the stars must have been aligned for The Frogge because that was exciting. This event was held at Pop (58th between 5th and Madison) and all the usual suspects were there looking fierceee. 

I have been to the uptown Pop before as a lot of my friends host tables there, that being said, when I arrived I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But, I knew one thing, I had to pee, so I immediately did the trek up the 2 long flights of stairs and ventured towards the bathroom. On my way up I got a sneak peak at the models getting ready for the show as well as the bands tuning their instruments. Kira Sherrine, a former FIT grad was the designer showing her line. The models looked great in her duds which had a very natural, earthy feel. Unfortunately, I do not have any pics of the fashion show  😦   but I did find this adorable pic of sleepwear that she designed…

Kira Sherrine

(Kira… I want those PJ’s girl… really, really cute.) But what was really great about this event was artist Daren Chambers was there, paintbrush in hand, creating lovely works of art in front of our faces. You can check his work out on *For those of you who like jazz, you will especially appreciate this… I think they are lovely, especially this one…



After some veggie burgers at Pop (which are really yummy, I definitely recommend them) it was off to Stanton Social. It was the first time I had been there and I was pleasantly surprised. We sat down for dinner with our gracious host Mr. Dave Delzio when one of my darling friends who will remain nameless decided to fling a tiny piece of lettuce at another man at the table. Lets just say, the other man was not pleased and responded by throwing an entire glass of whiskey on my nameless friend, however most of the whiskey ended up on me and my favorite jumper. I said, “Excuse me, are you aware that you just poured your entire drink on me and now I am soaking wet?” and this man said, “Don’t be too upset, that whiskey was better than Johnny Walker Blue Label.” All I have to say is… what an idiot. Because of him I smelt like whiskey for the rest of the night, although I did have some girl ask me “what perfume I was wearing” after the incident. Interesting… maybe her mother was an alcoholic and my smell reminded her of her childhood? 

After the whiskey was wiped up, dinner at Stanton was served… salad with some kind of shredded cheese and corn, fish tacos, raviolis, meatballs… all which looked and smelled really yummy but I can’t tell you from personal experience as nothing was vegan. Marty E from The Dirty Pearls moseyed in and we talked about the release party for their new singled called “New York City Is A Drug,” a really great, catchy tune that is being picked up by Sirius XM Radio as soon as The Pearls release it into the world. The release party will be on Thursday July 23rd at Santos Party House (tickets are available at for $10.) The show starts at 8 pm, so don’t be late! We were also hanging with singer Bianca Linta who just recently recorded a remake of LMFAO’s “I’m In Miami Bitch.” Her remake is called “I’m In NYC Bitch” and thank god, because who really gives a shit about being in Miami anyway? Miami… sucks. Her version of the song is getting some play at The Box, which I would say is a nice steppingstone considering this chick only moved here from Romania 4 short years ago. I will put up the link to the song later for all of you New Yorkers to enjoy. 

Stanton Social’s lounge upstairs is beautiful as well and oh-so-chic, but as it was an amazing night (weather wise) we decided to head over to Above Allen at the Thompson Hotel (Not to be confused with the Thompson Hotel that is in SoHo… people seem to be making that mistake) to enjoy the rooftop. All I have to say is, I’m down with any place that is playing The Smiths as I walk in the door, and I did not stop them, even though I knew I heard that song before  🙂   The views from Above Allen are really intoxicating, especially on a night that was as clear as last night. I would have stayed there for the rest of the night gazing wistfully at The Chrysler Building, but I promised my dear friend Samuel Valentine that I would make an appearance at Greenhouse for the weekly Monday night Rock N’ Roll party. 

I pranced through the doors of Greenhouse at probably 2:30 am, and it was still packed. Samuel Valentine and Scott Hockins must know how to throw a party to keep people out and about at all hours of the night, especially being that it was a Monday. I stayed for a bit and then contemplated going to Le Royale for after hours, but by that point I was exhausted and decided it was time to go home… I told my disappointed friend PDM that I had to go because I had stuff to do in the morning, when he replied with…


That said, you stay classy New York City.

Love your friend,

                            The Frogge ❤