All the cool kids were at the Patricia Field‘s party this past Friday night, and by all the cool kids, I mean all the Trannys. But that’s a wondrous thing in the eyes of The Frogge, because sometimes (just sometimes) I feel like a Tranny myself. The Valentine’s Day Ball was held at Capitale, and 1600 crazy kids were expected to attend. Ticket prices were steep, at $100 bucks a pop, but the open Belvedere bar helped make you forget.

Patricia Field's Valentine's Day Ball hosted by Pat, Susanne & Kelly!

Walking in was exciting, and the air will filled with energy. As I checked my coat, I ran into the lovely Patrick McDonald who in very classic Patrick McDonald form was looking very Patrick McDonald. I happened to be feeling exhausted, as it had been a longgg NYFW Friday at Lincoln Center. Luckily, Illamasqua was there to help! A lovely makeup artist by the name of Jewrel came to my rescue. He made my lips redder than red and my eyelashes bat like a bat… After he applied some shimmery eye shadow, I was good to go.

On my way to the bar, I spotted two barely-dressed blond bombshells… Anna Evans and Arden Sirens, who looked ravishing in none other than Agent Provocateur. The Zand Collective was in full effect with Kayvon in a freshly constructed ensemble. It came as no surprise to me that he ended up winning the costume contest with a prize of $4,000! Woo!

Mr. Kayvon Zand. Photo borrowed from LastNightsParty.

Speaking of Kayvon, it seems as if everyone has Zand Fever these days, including Ms. Susanne Bartsch, who looked like a part of the Collective herself…

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Love your friend,

The Frogge ❤



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