How Soon Is… Next Sunday??

Good day! Frogge here! And I’ve missed all of you little Froggers & Froggettes sooo much! But there is no time to waste, as I have not written for about a month now Yes, it’s true that I have been such a busy Frogge, but to be honest, I also haven’t been feeling very inspired lately! I have been out, I have been about (actually, I had a really kick ass time at Avenue on Tuesday night… I’ll get back to that later) and things have been ‘okay,’ but there hasn’t been anything sooo awesomely amazing that made me think to myself, “Ohhh my goodness! I NEED to share this with the entire blogging world of America!” So last night I said to my friend The Cat, “Let’s go to a party that we have never gone to before… I just need to do something different.” Thats how we ended up at Sway (Spring & Hudson) for MORRISSEY night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that is a lot of exclamation points, and I don’t want to get all 500 Days of Summer on your asses (especially cause that movie sucked!) but The Smiths are foo sure in my top 5 favorite bands of all time…

Sway (Spring & Hudson)

Of course I have been to Sway before, after all, I am The Frogge, and I go out in this city like its my job, but to be honest it has never really impressed me. I always find it a little too crowded, a little too hot, a little too pretentious, a little too smoky and decorated a little too similarly to my mother’s living room, as she has an affinity for all things Moroccan. But, I had never been there on a Sunday night, so I decided to give it another try. After all, this is a new year, and we must forgive all who have disappointed us in the past and try to give second chances… And I am REALLY glad that I did.

The Cat & I walked into Sway around 2:30 am (we had previously been at Greenhouse for Kenny Kenny & Susanne Bartsch‘s weekly Sunday party, Vandam, because it was necessary to catch a special performance by my very dear friend Kayvon Zand… I will definitely be getting back to this later) and it was JAM packed, which is pretty impressive for a random Sunday night in 17 degree weather. But true New Yorker’s are resilient, and The Frogge has never known anyone cool that has ever said, “Hey man, I can’t make it out tonight, this wind chill factor is really getting me down!”

What else can I say about this? I mean, the situation pretty much speaks for itself. The DJ’s, Brian DeGraw & Ben Cho, play a Smiths/Morrissey song pretty much 1 out of every 4/5 songs… And every time a Smiths/Morrissey song comes on after not being on for a whole 3, 4, or 5 songs… the kids go bananas! I’m talking B A N A N A S… Of course the DJ’s waited until around 3:35 to play How Soon Is Now (which I felt was kind of cliché… No offense Brian & Ben, you did a super lovely job otherwise, but just because How Soon Is Now is ‘the best,’ doesn’t mean you have to save it for last.) But when it did come on, it was close to a religious experience… The energy in the room was just amazing… Think a room jam-packed full of cutie-hipster-ish-music-lover types all extending their arms up in the air like there will be no tomorrow screaming, “I am human & I need to be loved, just like everybody else does!!!” at the top of their lungs!

Anywhoo… I would like to point out for all of you recessionista‘s that Sway has a large variety of drinks, ranging from their signature drink, The Ruby Tuesday (Grey Goose Vodka & pomegranate juice) to a $4 beer.

No Cover, $4 beer, Smiths/Morrissey songs ALL NIGHT LONG… In my very opinionated opinion, this may be one of  the best ways any individual can spend a Sunday night in NYC… My only question now is HOW SOON IS NEXT SUNDAY?

Love your friend,

The Frogge ❤

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: The Ribbit of the Day is going to my friend The Cat… I wanted to leave Sway literally 10 minutes before they were closing simply because it had been a longggggg day & my feet had officially stopped working… I said to her, “Let’s just go, they are gonna close in a about 5 minutes anyway” and she said… “Are you kidding me?? You can’t even imagine what they could possibly play in the next 5 minutes!!” Awww… Now thats the type of enthusiasm I love to see!


2 Responses to “How Soon Is… Next Sunday??”

  1. Ok. I have to say 500 Days of Summer is one of my favorite movies ever. I think I need to go watch it right this very second. Great article, makes me wanna go check out Sway. Sunday date?! 🙂

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