Fanny Pack’s are Back… and Better Than Ever!

This may be a very bold statement to make but… I think that a city is only as cool as it’s gay community. Great cities have tend to have great gay communities. Let’s look at the state of California as an example; San Francisco is pretty awesome and LA kind of sucks. Now, ask yourself this… which city has a better gay community? Obviously, the answer to that question is San Francisco. Miami is also another good example of a great city with a great gay community. But the best gay community is in the best city, New York City. 

I feel that whether you are part of the gay community or not, its always nice to know that it is there. That said, last night I went to check out Fanny Pack, a semi-new monthly party for lesbians that takes place at Local 269 on the LES. I sat down with Evie… one of the creators of Fanny Pack, and this is what she had to say… 

Fanny Pack: A Lesbian Party!

Fanny Pack: A Lesbian Party!

The Frogge: Hi… I am here with Evie at Local 269 on Houston and Suffolk. So… tell me about Fanny Pack… was this party always called Fanny Pack?

Evie: No, my initial conception for the party was that is would be called Fur Trade, but that was vetoed because my friends said it that sounded too vulgar… but I disagree!

TF: I think that would have been funny!

E: The owner of Local 269 is Irish and she told us that in Ireland ‘Fanny Pack’ is actually slang for pussy… so I guess we were on point with that one.

TF: Interesting, I never heard that term before… Is this the first lesbian party that you have ever thrown?

E: I used to date this douche bag DJ in Baltimore… and I watched him throw this party, and I thought to myself, “Well if he can throw this party, we can!”

TF: So, you used to date men before you started dating women?

E: Hmm… its kind of been all over the place…

TF: What made you choose Local 269 as the place to throw Fanny Pack?

E: Before this bar become Local 269… this bar was called Meow Mix… did you ever come here when it was Meow Mix?

TF: No… can’t say I have…

E: It used to be this really tough girl, lezzy bar in the early 2000’s… and they were really hardcore, they wouldn’t even let men into the bar…

TF: That’s not nice!

E: We are definitely more inclusive… as you can see, there are men inside… but this bar has had that history for us, so that’s really nice. Also, it’s a great location. The owners just got this place in February or March and they were open to try new things…

TF: So, let me get this straight… Meow Mix used to be in this spot and it was a total lezzy bar, but it went out of business and Local 269 took it over. Local 269 is not a lezzy bar, but you host a lezzy party here?

E: Right…

TF: So who started this party?

E: Myself and two of my friends, Emily and Carol… we are all native Brooklyn girls.

TF: What kind of women do you attract to this party?

E: No Polo shirts allowed!

TF: Really… why?

E: That was a joke, wait, no its not! I really wanted to put that on the flyer, but that would be too exclusive.

TF: There was a man running the door with you, tell me about that…

E: Its because we are not anti-men! Even though this is a lesbian party I have guy friends both gay and straight that want to help out.

TF: I think that’s great… there is no reason why we all can’t coexist at the same bar, no matter what your sexual orientation is…

E: Right… we are inclusive…

TF: What’s the deal with the music at Fanny Pack? What vibe do you girls go for?

E: It’s definitely upbeat… we like to keep a certain energy level…

TF: Let me ask you a question, and I am not trying to sound obnoxious, but what’s the deal with the cover charge? I just feel like every lesbian party I have ever been to has had a cover and it’s not fair to the lesbian community!

E: Believe me, no one is getting rich off of this endeavor. The cover charge is so we can keep the party going. We don’t make a profit. All the money we make goes right back into the party to cover the cost of promoting the party… the cost of making the flyers…

TF: I only ask because if you walk into most bars… there is no cover… so I am just trying to get to the bottom of this…

E: Our cover charge is only three dollars… where as if you went to Snapshot [another Tuesday night lezzy party at The Delancey] their cover is ten dollars!

TF: That’s insane… Normally, I think covers are tacky. It takes the fun out of walking through the door. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem spending money, but I’d rather spend it at the bar… A ten dollar cover is the equivalent of one drink… or three PBR’s! But I do understand that this party, because it is a specific type of party, it needs additional promotion, so if you have a three dollar cover to cover the cost of your promotional efforts… that’s cool, I get it. That’s why I asked…

E: I think that the ten dollar cover at Snapshot is ridiculous… that’s why we did a three dollar cover… its reasonable, it doesn’t hurt your wallet and we worked with the bar to give us drink specials!

TF: Oh, what are they?

E: Four dollar well drinks and for seven dollars you can get a shot and a beer…

TF: Is this party every Tuesday?

E: No, it’s just the last Tuesday of every month!

TF: Just once a month?

E: We want to make it twice a month…

TF: Well keep me posted!


So… Fanny Pack… a chill, lesbian party on the last Tuesday of every month at Local 269… go check it out because a city is only as cool as its gay community.

Love your friend,

                               The Frogge ❤


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