But, Wait! Soho House is not in Soho!

Some of you may be wondering why Soho House is called Soho House when it is located in the Meatpacking District. Well wonder no more because the answer to that is easy. The original Soho House was opened in Soho, London. (Yes, London has an area called Soho too, as I am sure you already know.) 

The Frogge was at Soho House (in New York, not London) on Saturday night and was chatting it up with a British man who was telling The Frogge about Soho House, London. The Frogge couldn’t really understand what he was saying because as he put it, “he was so pissed,” (pissed=wasted, not angry) and the six red headed slut shots that he ordered for our table did not seem to help the situation. However, The Frogge found his accent semi-charming and his drunken state somewhat amusing, so she continued on the conversation and found out that the British man hates Soho in London. (He does not hate the Soho House, he hates Soho the area.) He said that Soho was, and I quote, “rubbish.” The Frogge asked him why he thought the Soho House was built in a “rubbish area.” He said that it was the oasis in the middle of the chaos… a place to go when one wants to escape the insanity. 

Despite this mans clearly inebriated state, The Frogge understood exactly what he was talking about as she peered down from the rooftop deck of the Soho House onto the crowded streets of Manhattan… and then turned back around and saw this… 

The rooftop deck of New York City's Soho House

The rooftop deck of New York City's Soho House

The British man said it quite well, the Soho House does seem to be an oasis in the middle of the chaos, and there was nowhere else The Frogge wanted to be other than right where she was… in the middle of the oasis known as the Soho House sitting pool side underneath the stars listening to fab tunes provided by DJ Lindsay Luv and Cindy Kim. 

When The Frogge arrived to the Soho House on Saturday night, she wasn’t sure what kind of crowd to expect. She thought most of the “Soho House crew” would be out in the Hamptons. But that wasn’t the case, the rooftop was busy and the tables were filled with large groups of friends all lounging around enjoying mojitos and midnight conversation. 

The Frogge really enjoyed her time on the rooftop, the ambience is beautiful and you truly feel like you have escaped the chaos. Now, don’t get The Frogge wrong, Manhattan is The Frogge’s favorite city in the world, and The Frogge thrives off of the chaos, but sometimes it is nice to escape to a place that promotes serenity. 

When the rooftop closed at 2 a.m. (as rooftops are only allowed to stay open until 2 a.m., and not 4 a.m.) the crowd slowly trickled out back into the chaos known as Saturday Night in the Meatpacking District. The Frogge was not about to go home at 2 a.m. so she turned to her friend and suggested they go for a walk around the neighborhood to see what was going on. The walk took The Frogge & Friend past Tenjune as it was only around the corner… the decision was made to go in and see what in the world was going on down there these days. 

That decision to go in was a bad decision, there is really no other way to put it. My gosh… what happened to Tenjune? People have been saying “its-so-over” for a while now… but as you know, The Frogge likes to see the situation with her own eyes and come to her own conclusions. But unfortunately, The Frogge had to agree with what the people were saying. It was really a very sad situation. All The Frogge has to say is she left Tenjune no more than five minutes later after her friend was harassed by a tacky promoter and practically jumped on by way-too-eager-beavers. Perhaps this could have been because it was Saturday night… after all Tenjune has always been known for it’s Tuesday night party… maybe The Frogge will have to go on Tuesday to confirm… 

That leads me to THE RIBBIT OF THE DAY! To see the purpose of humanity (don’t get impatient… the video starts to pick up after a minute and a half, but if you don’t watch the intro, you will have no idea what’s going on)… CLICK HERE

Love your friend,

                             The Frogge ❤


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  1. simonne Says:

    Soho House looks amazing,thank u for the enlighting us with this information,s

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