Good morning and happy Saturday!  Today’s post is going to be short… And I would like you to think of todays post as nothing more than a casual social commentary. 

Last night, The Frogge was out and about… I’m not going to say where I was because 1. I like the place 2. I like the management and 3. What I am about to say doesn’t really have anything to do with the place… But more about the particular people that I was surrounded by… Those particular people being models. 

So anyway, I am at this place, lets just call it X, and I am sitting at a table enjoying a nice plate of spinach leaves, as it was the only vegan option… When all of a sudden a bunch of model chicks sit down at the table too. Now, I just want to say that The Frogge doesn’t really care if you are a model, or a rocket scientist, or a nursery school teacher, it doesn’t matter to me. If you are a cool person, you are a cool person, no matter what your occupation is.

So, the model chicks sit down, and clearly they are gorgeous, and now a lot of people at the table are whispering like… ‘Ooooh, ahhh… they are models…ohhhh, ahhh.” And I am just sitting there thinking to myself who really cares? And then, I really start thinking about modeling and how silly being a model really is… I mean, lets get real here! The models don’t really do anything… All they do is wear the clothes that were created by someone else a.k.a the designer… Or pose in pictures that are taken by someone else a.k.a the photographer… They are just a prop that fashion designers and photographers use… they are no more important than a coat rack or a couch. That being said… why does everybody make such a big deal about them?

I want you to understand that I am not hating on models in this post! I actually have modeled before myself and have lived with an IMG model… he is an AMAZING person and to this day is one of my close friends… What I am commenting on is… Why do people make such a big deal about models? They don’t really do anything… They don’t create anything… They have a practically brainless job where all they have to do is stand around and look pretty… AND can we just step back for a second and realize that they didn’t do anything to achieve their looks… they were just lucky to be born with good genetics.

The whole thing is just so silly and so superficial… So if you are one of those people who are overly impressed by the presence of a model… I think you need to step back and think about what that person actually contributes to the world… If you can come up with an answer that is not 100% superficial THEN you can be impressed… But until then, just chill the F out. 

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: Models are people too just like everybody else… so get over it, its so early 90’s to be model-obsessed. 

PS… Check out my girl Nabila in the new Kid Cudi music video featuring Kanye West and Common called “Make Her Say.” Nabila is the lovely lady in the car and in the field of balloons. CLICK HERE! to check it out. 

Love your friend,

                             The Frogge ❤


7 Responses to “Not-So-Model-Behavior”

  1. lindsay luv Says:

    Hey Girl- i sooooo agree- and then u have to watch ur words should u dare offend the models- i say be real- it’s an easy freaking job. they should just be happy to have a high paying traveling job and stop trying to defend it so much lol ;)== on another note, I hope you had a BETTER time at the Soho House after your dinner- i loved having you! xoxo

    • Dear LL,
      I had a lovely time at Soho House… You, Cindy, the four EXTREMELY inebriated men from England, and the red headed sluts made it all the more better. Next time The Frogge is bringing her bathing, her lily pad, and her swimmies.

  2. I’ve never modeled (not much work for asymetrical, hook-nosed, 5’4″ gals), but to me it’s a bit like acting. Also, sadly, sales make the world go round – in bars, the djs, bands, burlesque shows, etc. are props to sell booze. That said, I feel the only reason anyone should have the power of fame to help others in some way. Lastly, I don’t think I knew you were vegan – me too! Further discussion required.

    • Dearest Shar,
      I think we are going to have to agree to disagree. There is no way one can compare the work Meryl Streep did in Sophie’s Choice, or the work Hilary Swank did in Boy’s Don’t Cry or the work Mickey Rourke did in The Wrestler to “the work” that leggy gal did on page 7 of Vogue. Sorry… but as a person who has done both… I know from experience that most actors have extensive training (in many fields ranging from vocal work, to dance, to scene study) and most models don’t… they may have experience in walking, hair color, manicures, and the occasional line of cocaine… After all Gisele Bundchen was discovered at McDonalds while eating a Big Mac and fries… Sorry, but I wouldn’t exactly call that “talent.” Lastly, yes… The Frogge is vegan… and we can discuss that anytime you like.
      Love your friend,
      The Frogge ❤

  3. they care because they are iconic symbols of every they lack. this of course is imaginary (the things they lack) and merely just another credit to the power of the Madison Av think tanks that drive the collective consciences of America and the now most of the industrialized world. They are the Holy Grail of our collective insecurities. For some they wish to be them, but could never. Other wish to own them, but don’t have the resources… and for the ones who ignore them they are just canon fodder in war against banality

    • Dearest Johnny B,
      I couldn’t agree with you more… I would use more words in my response to you, but I feel that you have already used them all 🙂 Thank you for your comments and for reading The Frogge.

  4. rebel_action Says:

    i just wrote a couple blogs on my thoughts about modeling..and i was a victim of wanting to be that person but one day i woke up and asked myself why i really wanted to do this, and honestly i had a lot more bad reasons than good ones. i feel that society and the media has become so obsessed with models and the fashion industry. people need to realize that a lot of it is an illusion and there are many dellusional people out there feeding off each other.

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