As I have said before, the Rock N’ Roll scene in New York City is alive and well! There are tons of new bands out there running around the streets with flyers and CD’s promoting themselves to no end. Just ask my friend NC Shuva of the NY based band PUI… he was carrying quite a large bag last night… I said, “NC… what’s in the bag, man?” He said, “It’s the flyers… it’s the flyers…” I said, “You go get ’em tiger!” 

Last night all the rock n’ rollers were down at Santos Party House (100 Lafayette Street at Walker) for The Dirty Pearl’s new single release party! The single is called “New York City Is A Drug” and was produced by Daniel Ray who has worked with legends, such as, The Ramones and The Misfits. The song is also being picked up by Sirius radio… the Octane channel, to be exact. (For your listening pleasure, The Frogge has included a link to hear “New York City Is A Drug” at the end of the post.)

After the show, I got to sit down with The Pearl’s front man, Tommy London… check out this interview for all the juicy details… it covers a lot… and ranges from informational to downright inappropriate! 

Tommy London and Johnny B of The Dirty Pearls

Tommy London and Johnny B of The Dirty Pearls

The Frogge: I am here at Santos Party House with Tommy London, the lead singer of The Dirty Pearls!

Tommy London: Hey, hey, hey! How are you?

TF: I’m good… how are you?

TL: I’m very good…

TF: You should be very good! You guys just played a great show.

TL: It was a great show, the energy was great, the crowd was awesome, they fed off of us, and we had a blast!

TF: You guys always have a blast…

TL: We always have a blast, just playing and drinking, even if nobody is here…

TF: What do you mean if nobody is here? There are always people around you guys, you have very loyal fans…

TL: We do have a very loyal fan-base, and everybody in the band is very grateful for that. To be honest, the success of the band is based on the response of the people, and we have had a great response. We are a peoples band! Is that cliché to say?

TF: No! You guys are like a grassroots rock n’ roll band born and raised on the streets of New York City! Okay, so what was the song you opened with? I didn’t recognize it. Is it new?

TL: It’s a fairy new song called “Whether You Like It Or Not.” We haven’t recorded it yet. That song came out because there were some people hating on the band, so we were like, whether you like it or not, were gonna rock it, so go fuck yourselves!

TF: I think it’s a good sign when a band has haters. What it really signifies is jealousy of your success. Nobody wastes their time hating things that aren’t important…

TL: I agree with you 100%. I guess it’s a sign that we’re doing something right…

TF: One thing that I really love about The Dirty Pearls is, when I watch you guys on stage, I really get a sense of the camaraderie between you guys… You are the front man, but when the guitar solos come on, you really know when to step back and give Johnny B (guitar,) Richie (guitar,) and Dougie (bass) the front.

TL: The lead singer is kind of like the quarterback of the team, but the quarterback is nothing without the receivers who catch the ball. The one thing about this band is, it’s pretty much five front men on one stage… Have you ever spoken to Marty E?? (Marty E, drums)

TF: Umm, have I ever spoken to Marty E? Let’s see… Yes.

TL: So, as I am sure you know, its pretty much five personas on the stage and everybody gets their chance to shine.

TF: For tonight’s show, how did you come up with the order of the set list?

TL: We always try to make each set list different. We know what songs are the crowd favorites so we like to plug those into different spots. Lately, because of “New York City Is A Drug,” it’s become such an anthem song, so we have been closing with it. It just works because we are a New York City band.

TF: You are a New York City band, but you also have a large fan base in California… I hear you guys are going out there to play some shows soon?

TL: We’re gonna go out to LA… we go out there a few times a year. We do well on the west coast. Of course we are a NYC based band, but when we go out there, they welcome us with open arms.

TF: Are you originally from NY?

TL: Yes, I was born in Queens, but raised outside of Philly.

TF: I think that one of the reasons The Pearls are having a lot of success is, you guys are really personal with your fans. But, as your fan base grows larger, how do you keep up those personal relationships?

TL: I think when all of us are not playing; we are just very personable people. When I am out promoting the band, I can get into a twenty-minute conversation with a person…

TF: But you understand that being personable works, and I think you are successful because you understand that.

TL: I agree. It’s funny because when I am on stage, I look out, and I pretty much know all the faces in the audience, not because I grew up with these people or anything like that… it’s more like, “Hey, I hung out with you at the bar!”

TF: Where else do you make more acquaintances besides the bars?

TL: Uhhh… the bars, and then the bars… I don’t know, where else would I make a new acquaintance?

TF: I don’t know, maybe like the public library or something?

TL: I am pretty much either at the bar or at home.

TF: Well, you’re in a rock n’ roll band, so I guess that’s an appropriate response… Tell me how you got the idea to incorporate Johnny B’s voice in songs like “Ventilator Avenue.” I think his voice is a great asset to the band…

TL: A lot of people have said that to me. People notice how we use different voices in different songs. Sometimes Marty will sing with me… Johnny co-sings with me on some of the songs… One day I just thought that our voices would sound great intertwined… We first did it in “Hollywood La La La,” and it was money. So we did it again with “Ventilator Avenue.” Johnny brought that song to the band and it worked out great.

TF: I also really like the song “Gimmie Gimmie,” it may be my personal favorite. When I first heard that song I thought you were saying, “Gimmie gimmie, gimmie some of your heart, yeah!”

TL: Hah! That’s kind of lame!

TF: So I asked Marty, and he was just like nope, we are just saying, “Gimmie gimmie, some of your uhh, yeah, uhh, yeah!” He was like, “We are not that deep, honey!”

TL: Haha, it’s true, we are not that deep.

TF: When you guys played LuvSikLuv tonight, I felt the crowd click in with you guys… everybody loves that song… and the crowd loves to sing it with you… but are you sick of playing it?

TL: Ya know, we have played it a lot. It’s a fun pop song, but the funny thing is, it has a hidden meaning about drugs…

TF: Yes, when I first heard it, I thought it was about a lady…

TL: That’s what’s great about it; it’s the kind of song that could be on pop radio, but its really about drugs…

TF: How does it go again?

TL: What ya doing… What ya doing…
Alone in your room…
What ya sniffing… What ya sniffing…
It’s not your perfume… So come a little closer…
I got something for you…
Feels like a roller coaster…
Inside of you…

TF: Right! See at that moment, I definitely thought you were talking about a penis…

TL: Well, of course!

TF: The fans always sing along, they just love it… I also really like your ballad, “Don’t Say A Word.” Is that your only ballad?

TL: Yeah, we knew we needed a ballad, or something close to it… we needed one song where we could slow things down a little bit on stage…

TF: So Dougie broke his bass? What happened with that… does that happen a lot?

TL: No, that’s the first time that ever happened on stage, and Dougie didn’t bring his spare bass.

TF: What does it mean to break a bass? Was it the strings or what?

TL: Yeah, it was the strings, and he didn’t bring his spare bass, so it was a good thing that there were four other bands here tonight… I believe Eve To Adam gave him their bass…

TF: Oh, that’s nice. Thank you Eve To Adam for enabling the show to go on! So, what is Johnny B doing when he looks like he is eating his guitar?

TL: He says that… he acts like… he is eating pussy.

TF: Is that really what he said?

TL: That’s what he said!

TF: Interesting… but, musically, what is he actually doing to the instrument?

 TL: I don’t know but it fuckin’ looks cool on stage!

TF: But is he playing the strings with his teeth?

TL: Yes……………. yes.

TF: Because someone once told me, and I want to know if this is true, they said, if you scream into the pickups of your guitar, it makes some kind of interesting sound effect?

TL: You would have to ask Johnny B about that one…

TF: Okay, so we have to talk about how tonight is the release party for your new single “New York City Is A Drug,” and I heard you worked with some really amazing producers to make this song…

TL: Yes, we got Daniel Ray because we felt that this is a New York song, and we are a New York band, so we wanted a New York Producer. Daniel Ray worked with a lot of New York bands, such as, The Ramones, The Misfits, and a few others… it sounds great, its really just a rockin’ anthem song…

TF: And I heard that Sirius XM radio is picking up the song… True or false?

TL: True…

TF: So, is the song “New York City Is A Drug” going to be on a specific channel of Sirius radio? How does it work? 

TL: Yes, I believe its going to be played on the Octane channel… which is the most popular rock channel… Kayla, who was hosting the show tonight, is going to start spinning the song…

TF: That’s great… Did you hear what she said? She called you guys the most rockin’ band in New York City…

TL: That was great of her to say… it was just awesome.

TF: So… if there is a secret… whats the secret to rock n’ roll?

TL: You always gotta throw the scent off the dogs baby!

TF: Okay, were going to end on that. You hear that people? You gotta throw the scent off the dogs! 

I need a fix in a bad way!

I need a fix in a bad way!

So there you have it people! Listen out for “New York City Is A Drug” on Sirius’s Octane channel… or of course, the whole album is available on iTunes…

The Frogge will post more photos from this show on The Frogge’s fan page on facebook.com. Here is the link… THE FROGGE ON FACEBOOK! 

That leads me to THE RIBBIT OF THE DAY… and I am going to let The Dirty Pearls give it to you! Get your fix of “New York City Is A Drug” by clicking HERE!

Love your friend,

                               The Frogge ❤


2 Responses to “I GOT A FIX…”

  1. I absolutely love your blog! It’s very informative and at the same time entertaining. I happen to really like The Dirty Pearls and also attended the “New York City Is A Drug” release party (which may I add absolutely rocked!) so reading your interview with Tommy London was an awesome treat! Keep Ribbitin’ on 🙂

  2. Dearest Anna,
    Thank you for your comments and for reading The Frogge. You are a gem.
    Love your friend,
    The Frogge ❤

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