The [Double] L Word: Lindsay Luv

When some people think of “The L Word,” they think of love. When other people watch “The L Word,” they think of lesbians. But for those people who are in the music/DJ scene of NYC, when they hear “The Double L Word,” they think of DJ Lindsay Luv.

Last Wednesday night, when The Frogge was at Greenhouse, she saw Lindsay Luv’s DJ set downstairs in the lounge. Lindsay was playing the most amazing remix of Jace Everett’s song “Bad Things” more commonly known as THE TRUE BLOOD THEME SONG!! After The Frogge had an orgasm (The Frogge is obsessed with True Blood, who isn’t?) I went over to Ms. Luv and asked her where she got that remix? The answer was confusing, but nevertheless, the next day (which was last Thursday) The Frogge ended up giving Ms. Luv a sweet write up in the post called “Green is the New Black.” Lindsay ended up reading the post and very graciously thanked The Frogge for mentioning her, she then invited The Frogge to be her accomplice last night while she spun at the very exclusive lounge The Gates. 



The Gates is a very interesting place… this is what they have to say about themselves, “In order to create the atmosphere we want, we have developed The Ambassador Program, which will fill the place with a great clientele base in a more organic way. Ambassador status is being offered to only a select group of influential individuals who have been chosen by THE GATES because of their shared vision and potential to contribute distinctive styles and personalities to this unique destination.”

It’s no secret that a lot of clubs in New York City claim that they are “so exclusive.” They do this so people want to come. The more “exclusive” a club says they are, the more people will want to try to get in. It’s as simple as human nature to want “what you can’t have.” But last night when I was at The Gates, I did feel that they were living up to their word… not just saying that they are exclusive, but actually being exclusive. Why did The Frogge feel this way? Because the room was not full when The Frogge walked in. This is not because people aren’t coming to The Gates, this is because The Gates won’t let just anybody in. 

The beautiful fireplace at The Gates

The beautiful fireplace at THE GATES

The object of most clubs/lounges is to pack the room, because normally you would never want to be in an empty club. However, that is not the object of The Gates. The Gates would rather have the room be less full with a better quality of people, than more full with a lesser quality of people. The Gates truly believes in that old saying “quality over quantity.” I know this because Nas was sitting at the table next to me (by the way, he is a very classy individual, and The Frogge has only lovely things to say about him and his friends.)

But anyway, back to Lindsay Luv. I interviewed her before she got on the decks to play some hip-hop for Nas (by the way, at the end of the night, I overheard Nas telling the management how much he enjoyed Ms. Luv’s set,) and this is what she had to say… 


The Frogge: I am at The Gates with DJ Lindsay Luv. Why do you go by Lindsay Luv? How did you come up with that?

Lindsay Luv: I don’t even know… well, when I first moved to New York about seven years ago myspace was getting really big, when I logged onto myspace, everybody had fancy names, like Tila Tequila and Forbidden… so I just came up with Lindsay Luv because I liked the way it sounded, and it just kind of took off, everybody started calling me Lindsay Luv.

The Frogge: Where are you from?

Lindsay Luv: I am from Boston and I moved here during my last semester of college. I came to NY to finish up my credits by doing an internship at Comedy Central, I worked on the first season of Chappelle Show and Reno 911 in the PR department.

 TF: I love Reno 911…

LL: It’s my favorite show! I actually kind of hijacked a copy of the unedited version of the pilot for season one. I have it on VHS at my apartment… its amazing.

TF: That’s it! We’re having movie night! So originally, did you want to work in sketch comedy?

LL: Yes, originally I was interested in writing sketch comedy… not doing improv, just writing sketches, because I don’t like to be on stage, I get kind of nervous! When I write, things flow better… I just always knew that I wanted to be involved in the entertainment industry, I just never knew in which facet.

TF: So, if you wanted to originally write sketch comedy, how did you end up falling into the DJ world?

LL: The sketch comedy thing was kind of connected to what I really wanted to do. I really wanted to be a VJ for MTV. I actually auditioned my freshman year of college and was one of their top 100 finalists. So I kind of always knew that I wanted to do something in the music industry. When I auditioned for MTV, they asked me questions like, “Who do you think are the big rising stars?” At the time, No Doubt was kind of small, so I said No Doubt and Kid Rock, and MTV just loved it because that was when No Doubt and Kid Rock were on the rise. I always knew that I wanted to discover emerging artists and bring them into the limelight.

TF: That’s great because I think the true job of a DJ is to play amazing songs, but songs that nobody knows yet. I am so tired of hearing things that are on the top 40… if I hear Poker Face one more time, I am seriously going to drop dead. Where do you find your music?

LL: I spend a lot of time researching music, it’s probably why I DJ so much. Like you said, a lot of DJ’s do just go to the top 40 and play songs like Single Ladies…

TF: It makes me want to slit my throat.

LL: I won’t play it ever! Not even if it’s somebody’s birthday! Clearly, I can’t play songs that will clear a room, if there is a really popular song, I’ll try to throw it in somehow, but I’d much rather find an under-the-cuff remix of that popular song and play a remixed version rather than just the regular song itself. So I spend a lot of time on Hype Machine

TF: What is Hype Machine?

LL: Hype Machine is a website that collects remixes of songs and you can download them for free. (

TF: That’s a great site to know about.

LL: Yeah, I actually just teamed up with two other DJ’s, D-Majors and Bobby Blaze, we did a remix for Tigercity’s song Fake Gold. Tigercity is a really hot Brooklyn band and the remix ended up getting tons of hits on Hype Machine.

TF: My favorite song that I ever heard you play was last Wednesday at Greenhouse… you know what I am going to say… it’s “Bad Things” by Jace Everett, more commonly known as the True Blood theme song!

LL: It’s amazing. I actually have a very good DJ friend from Miami, his name is Troy Kurtz… I love hanging out with my DJ friends because we exchange music. Anyway, I think he was the only person in the world who had this remix, and he gave it to me so I could be the first DJ in NY to play it… till this day I haven’t heard anyone else play it, so I may be the only DJ in NY who has it… whenever I play it, I can always tell who in the room watches True Blood because they go crazy and the other people, who don’t watch True Blood have no idea what’s going on.

TF: Well, that is their problem. They need to get HBO. So where was the first place you ever DJ’ed? How did you get your first gig?

LL: It’s actually a funny story. I had been working for a marketing agency, and I got laid off when all the crazy stuff with the economy started to happen… I was really bored, so I just went out and bought tons of equipment… and the Boyd Brothers and Darin Rubell who own Gallery Bar, Plan B, and Ella were nice enough to let me go in and practice for like eight hours a day with my equipment. Eventually, when they opened Ella, they gave me every Tuesday night. So, that was my first residency and that is how I started my career.

TF: Ella is a great place to start a career. Most DJ’s start in crappy bars…

LL: Ella is an amazing place. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the Boyd Brothers and all of their clubs, they were a huge help to me when I was starting out my DJ’ing career. I am very blessed to have really amazing friends, especially my DJ friends, like Cindy Kim who really helped me out in the beginning of my career .

TF: So what is your DJ schedule now?

LL: I generally DJ six nights a week. Tomorrow, and every Wednesday, I am the resident DJ at Greenhouse, and I love DJ’ing there because I get to play what I want to play… right now I am really into electro/house… Greenhouse is great because I can debut new songs and I am not forced to play top 40… my updated schedule is always posted on my myspace and my facebook page. 

TF: I think the people in NYC who really know what’s up are really into electro right now… I don’t know anybody who is worth their salt that wants to hear top 40. Speaking of electro, have you ever DJed at Le Royale? Terry Casey [the owner of Le Royale] is walking around inside of The Gates…

LL: I actually have before; I think Le Royale and Terry are amazing. Terry knows how to pick good acts. It’s nice to play music at a place that appreciates their DJ’s.

TF: There are way more male DJ’s than ladies… how do you feel about being one of the few lady DJ’s on the scene?

LL: I try not to concern myself with haters and the competition. I mean, I am a girl DJ, and there are a lot of other DJ’s who have been around a lot longer than I have who have a lot of things to say. But all I know is that I started from the bottom, I went in there and practiced eight hours a day, I still practice all the time. I know who I am, I know where I’m at, and I think it’s a constant work in progress; I am a constant work in progress. I think no matter where you are in your career, you still need to practice, you still need to learn more, and learn from other DJ’s, keep up with researching your music, and working hard.

TF: That’s a nice place to end.

LL: Thank you so much! I love The Frogge!

TF: And The Frogge loves you! Now get in there and spin a great set, Nas is waiting for some hip-hop!

DJ Lindsay Luv bringing the beats!

DJ Lindsay Luv bringing the beats!

That brings me to… THE RIBBIT OF THE DAY: I am giving the Ribbit of the Day to Lindsay Luv, because I just LUVED what she said… so here we go… The Ribbit, compliments of LL, “I know who I am, I know where I’m at, and I think it’s a constant work in progress; I am a constant work in progress. I think no matter where you are in your career, you still need to practice, you still need to learn more.” LUV it. 

Check out DJ Lindsay Luv spinning tonight with DJ Lily of the Valley in the downstairs lounge of Greenhouse!

Love your very, very tired friend,

                                               The Frogge ❤


2 Responses to “The [Double] L Word: Lindsay Luv”

  1. kaitlin Says:

    everytime i run into this girl it is refreshing that there are still people in nightlife that are chill and down to earth. i also love that she doesnt play the same crap every night–right on double L lol and great interview frogge 😉

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