What Happens in Brooklyn… [Does Not] Stay in Brooklyn…

Last night The Frogge ventured into Brooklyn, and for those of you who think its a big deal to leave Manhattan and go into Brooklyn, you really need to get over it because it’s not. Williamsburg happens to be closer to Union Square than the Upper West Side, so lets get real here and realize that Brooklyn is 1. close 2. still a first world country and 3. has a lot to offer… 

Anyway, I went over to the McKibbin Lofts because a bunch of local artists put together a multimedia art party. There was everything from paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photographs to films, DJs, bands, and performance artists. The Lowbrow Society who was responsible for putting together this grand event really was not kidding when they said it was going to be a multimedia art party (keyword: multi.)  

There are a lot of young artists in New York City who are doing very interesting work and I think in this day and age it is extremely important to take matters into your own hands and get your work out there in any way you can. If that means getting together with twenty of your artist friends and putting together your own show, do it, more power to you. 

Artist Gwynn Galitzer using My Little Pony as a social commentary

Artist Gwynn Galitzer using My Little Pony as a social commentary

Clearly, a lot of effort was put into this event and it was very inspiring to see such a young community of artists coming together and supporting each others work. I really loved the piece above by artist Gwynn Galitzer. Ms. Galitzer uses the popular icon My Little Pony as a social commentary. The piece pictured above is just one of many pieces that were shown last night by Gwynn. 

Unfortunately, as I was snapping away my camera decided to die. This is because The Frogge has been out 9 straight nights in a row, and when you go to sleep at 5:30 am every morning, things tend to slip your mind… things like charging the battery to your camera. There was only one thing to do… enlist my acquaintance Nate ‘Igor’ Smith to share his photos with The Frogge. Many of you who run around NYC may know Igor and his popular website DrivenByBoredom.com (Did you know that he gets over a million hits per year? Pretty good Igor, pretty good.) Anywhoo, I gave him my email address asking him to share some of his photos with me and this is what he sent over… Thank you Igor… 

Photo taken by Nate 'Igor' Smith of DrivenByBoredom.com

Photo taken by Nate 'Igor' Smith of DrivenByBoredom.com

Do you even realize that the girl in the photo is wearing moon shoes! Because if you stop staring at her boobies (or her pee-pee,) you will see that she is! When I first opened up my email and saw this photo, I was a little surprised (I left the party before people started taking their clothes off.) So, I didn’t exactly expect to see a naked lady pop up on my screen. And then I started wondering to myself, ‘should I put this up?… should I not put this up? Is this the kind of picture that I want on The Frogge?’ And then I thought to myself, who cares. And now, the more I look at the photo, the more I like it… and I hope you do too!

I had to leave the Lowbrow Society party early because I had tickets to see one of my favorite New York based bands Hypernova. They are truly phenomenal and if you haven’t heard of them already I am sure that you will hear of them soon. Check them out on their MySpace page and listen to their song Fairy Tales because it is nothing short of amazing. 

The beautiful boys of Hypernova

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest mother fucker of them all?

I will have an interview with Hypernova for you soon… and there will be a lot to talk about, especially since these boys are working very hard to bring awareness about the political situation that is currently happening in Iran known as The Green Movement. More information is available about this on FreedomGloryProject.com. Their next show is tomorrow (7/19) at The Mercury Lounge (LES.) Tickets are available on ticketmaster for $10 and all proceeds are going to keeping the Iranian struggle in the news. Please come out and support not only wonderful musicians but a very important political cause.

The show last night was held at 92/Y Tribeca (200 Hudson Street @ Canal.) 92/Y Tribeca is a very, very cool center for the arts. If you don’t know what it is, check out their websites, 92YTribeca.org. They have movie premiers, concerts, a (kosher) restaurant, classes (art, music, writing, foreign languages, film, ect,) a bar, an art gallery… there is a lot going on over there and… the space is very modern, clean, and beautiful. After Hypernova played a band called BM Linx took the stage and then I realized, ‘Ohhhhhh… I have seen you guys play before… thats why your name sounds familiar to me!’ They played a great show, I was very impressed and then I felt compelled to interview them and share what I’ve learned with all of you!

BM Linx

BM Linx

 The Frogge: Okay, you guys are BM Linx… I just want to start off by saying you guys just played a great show… I really enjoyed it… while I was watching you guys, I realized I have seen you play before, I think it was at Greenhouse?

BM Linx: Yes, we have played at Greenhouse before…

The Frogge: Ahh, yes, I knew it! But this was a much, much better show… don’t get me wrong!! I didn’t think the show at Greenhouse was bad!  I just think it has to do a lot with the fact that the stage here at 92/Y Tribeca is much larger, and movement clearly seems to be a big part of the way you guys play… you need a lot of space to do what you want to do…

Tony Diadore (Singer/Songwriter/Guitar): Yes, you are right… Jonathan is actually a dancer…

The Frogge: Oh wow, you are? Tell me about that… what kind of dance do you do? 

Jonathan Murray (Bass): Well, back when I lived in DC, I was into the rave scene…

The Frogge: The rave scene? Interesting… so is that where you are from? DC?

Murray: Yes, but I have been living in New York for seven years now, so I feel like a New Yorker. 

The Frogge: Where are you guys from? You over there… I hear your accent… where is that from?

Griff (Drums): I am from Birmingham… in England…

The Frogge: I know where Birmingham is thank you very much! Geez… 

Diadore: But there’s also a Birmingham in Alabama… 

The Frogge: Clearly he does not have an accent from Alabama! Thank god… and Tony, where are you from?

Diadore: Me, I am from Indiana… 

The Frogge: I can tell because you seem very sweet… 

(Their friend May chimes in… “He is!”) 

The Frogge: How long have you guys been together?

Murray: About three, three and a half years now…

The Frogge: Nice… How did you guys get together? Because you are from Indiana, you are from England, and you are from DC… how did you all cross paths? 

Griff: Tony and I used to be in a band together called Puracane, which still exists…

Diadore: His wife (pointing at Griff) is the lead singer…

The Frogge: (to Murray) So how do you fit into the picture?

Murray: I knew Tony, and one day he told me I should be in the band, but I didn’t play anything, he told me to learn the bass… he (pointing at Tony) gave me like two weeks to get my shit together and then two weeks later we played our first show… I was horrible! 

The Frogge: That is crazy! So you specifically learned the bass just so you could join BM Linx.

Murray: Yes…

The Frogge: Where was that first show?

Murray: It was at a place called Snitch…

The Frogge: Oh my god! I loved , loved, loved Snitch! It was my second home… I used to live down the block from it and just walk over there all the time…

Murray: Maybe you saw us play at Snitch then, too.

The Frogge: I am not sure… that was a long time ago… three and a half years, right?

Murray: Yes…

The Frogge: So, your first show that you played at Snitch was your worst show… which one was your best?

Murray: We played a show in Montreal… have you ever been there?

The Frogge: Actually, no… I have been to many places in Canada, just never Montreal for some reason… What was the name of the venue?

Murray: It is called… (Jonathan says somethings in French)…

The Frogge: Sorry, I don’t speak French…

Murray: It translates to ‘Electric Ass-Cheeks.’ 

The Frogge: Are you Fing with me? Because I will write that in the interview… 

Murray: No, I am completely serious! It really does translate to ‘Electric Ass-Cheeks.’ 

The Frogge: Well then, sounds very interesting, when I go to Montreal, I am definitely going to check it out.

Griff: That was a great show, so many people, girls were on guys shoulders, taking their clothes off, flashing us their boobies…

The Frogge: Is that what makes a show good for you guys? When girls flash their boobies at you?

Griff: Oh, definitely, boobies always make things better… 

The Frogge: Okay, hold on, lets talk about this for a second on a serious level… tell me what happens to you guys on stage when you have a great audience… how does it affect your show?

Diadore: Its great, you are giving them your energy, and they are giving you their energy, and its really a back and forth, a give and take but… eventually, it really becomes their [the audiences] show. It becomes about them… 

The Frogge: Do you have any albums out?

Diadore: Yes, two. The first one is called Portable Genius… I made it in my closet.

The Frogge: In your closet? 

Diadore: Yes… and the second one is called… Black Entertainment, which I made half of it in my closet, half of it in a studio… Stratosphere Studio… and Alan Boulder, who has worked with Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, and U2 mixed half of the album…

The Frogge: Oh wow, that is amazing… I love Smashing Pumpkins, who doesn’t? Well thats great… so does that mean you are signed?

Diadore: Yes, we are under a label called Craze Factory.

The Frogge: From what I hear, its extremely difficult to be under a label these days…

Diadore: Yes, we are very happy to be under Craze Factory, they are good to us. 

The Frogge: Okay, lets wrap this up… tell the people where they can catch you next!

Murray: Thursday August 27th we are playing a show downtown at Crash Mansion…

The Frogge: Awesome… I am looking forward to it… I hope they have a very large stage so you can do your thing!

Left: Jonathan Murry. Center: Tony Diadore. Right: Griff (Just Griff... watch out Madonna!)

Left: Jonathan Murry. Center: Tony Diadore. Right: Griff (Just Griff... watch out Madonna!)



Love your friend,

                             The Frogge ❤


5 Responses to “What Happens in Brooklyn… [Does Not] Stay in Brooklyn…”

  1. The douchebag next to the naked girl violently assaulted me at this party. The party was at my house (thanks for this nice write up, frogge!). This scrotalmuncher’s friends got into a fight on the dancefloor, I break them up, and this peacemaker (not one of the two in the fight) puts his hands around my neck, and starts choking me against the wall. IN MY OWN HOUSE.

    His friends pull him off. He first tries to tell me I started it. No. Then he tries to tell me it wasn’t him. No. Then he tries to tell me it was a big misunderstanding. No.

    Basically, if any of y’all see this shitslime garbagecan, you have my permission to kick him in the taint. Or choke him. Whatever.

    • Dear Evan,
      Thanks for throwing a rad party and for your comments. The Frogge is sorry to hear that you were assaulted in your own house. That is not cool.

  2. $teve-O Says:

    This interview ROCKZ!!

  3. that MLP art was sweet! But why the hell did Megan make that Twinkle Eye pony cry?

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