Let’s Talk About Marquee Baby…

Good day to all! Frogge here… reporting live! Today I want to talk about Marquee because well, quite frankly, I think there is a lot of say about it, especially since 1. I was there last night 2. The club was packed (Yes, all three rooms) 3. The line to get in was down the sidewalk (the female security-guard almost had a coronary trying to contain everybody) and 4. In December of this year Marquee will turn six years old (it first opened its doors in December of 2003.) I find it interesting that a club that is almost six years old still gets all three of its rooms packed. But before I get into that, there is something else that I want to talk about first. 

Last night The Frogge did something that she never does. Last night The Frogge went to (gasppp) a bar! Now, most of you are probably thinking, ‘why is that a big deal?’ Well, its a big deal because The Frogge did something that she never ever does, so give her a pat on the back for expanding her horizons. Normally, I, The Frogge like to stay far away from bars for the following reasons… 1. Most of them (keyword: most) are dirty (especially the bathrooms!) 2. The music usually is not that good since bars typically do not employ DJ’s (and if I hear Don’t Stop Believing or Sweet Child O’ Mine one more time, I will have to go ahead and slit my froggy throat!) 3. Most people go to bars for the sole purpose of drinking, which The Frogge thinks is boring (I need dancing! I need amazing music! I need to see people wearing interesting outfits! I need scandalous behavior… all of which tend to happen in clubs, as opposed to bars… except maybe for the scandalous behavior part.) But anyway, around 10 pm I ended up at Down The Hatch in the West Village because my friend Marty E from the NY based band The Dirty Pearls was DJing there, and Tommy London (also a Pearl) is the bartender. (Did I mention that The Dirty Pearls have opened up for bands such as The New York Dolls, Twisted Sister, and Bret Michaels… and headlined their own sold out  show at The Bowery Ballroom… they have also appeared on the Fox Channels Fearless Music… woohoo! Go Pearls!) 

Tommy London & Marty E of The Dirty Pearls!

Tommy London & Marty E of The Dirty Pearls!

While I was sitting at the bar, taking in this scene of… normal people… two young lads that I recognized walked in. It was Gabe and Nate of another NY based band called Midnight Fistfight. I got a chance to chat it up with Gabe and find out what their band is doing these days.

The Frogge: So you guys are Midnight Fistfight… tell me a little about your band?

Gabe: Well, we are a new band, we have only been together for about a year or so… We played our first show in October of 2008.

The Frogge: Wow, very new… what kind of music do you guys play?

Gabe: I would call it agressive rock.

The Frogge: Agressive rock? Oooh, I like the way that sounds… very sexual.

Gabe: Sexual is good.

The Frogge: So, if you had to compare Midnight Fistfight to another band, who would you compare yourselves to?

Gabe: I actually do not like to compare our band to any other bands because I think we are our own thing.

The Frogge: Thats great. I love that, its a good attitude to have… but for the purpose of this interview… and so the readers can kind of get a feel for you guys… if you absolutely HAD to compare your band to another band, who would it be?

Gabe: I guess Motorhead and Guns N’ Roses… but, Guns N’ Roses the WHOLE band, not just the singer. We do not have an Axel. 

The Frogge: Well, thats good, cause Axel (even though he is very beloved) he is kind of a self-centered-jerk. So what’s going on? Do you have your CD out yet, or what?

Gabe: We just released our 5 song EP.

The Frogge: Nice, congrats! That is a big step… what is the single on your EP?

Gabe: Our song called Million Dollar Body.

The Frogge: Oh, you mean, like mine?

Gabe: Yes, exactly like yours. 

The Frogge: Alright, listen, my waffle fries just arrived, so lets wrap this up… when and where are you guys playing next?

Gabe: Thursday July 23rd at Santos Party House, doors open at 7… you can get tickets on ticketweb.com for $10… Are you going to come to the show?

The Frogge: Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world…

Gabe & Nate of Midnight Fistfight & Tommy London of The Dirty Pearls

Gabe & Nate of Midnight Fistfight and Tommy London of The Dirty Pearls! (Look how sweet Nate looks in between Gabe and Tommy... adorable)

Okay, so there you have it. Midnight Fistfight at Santos Party House on July 23rd… The Dirty Pearls will also play that night along with Eve to Adam, Game Rebellion and Sweet Fix. So if you like rock music, get off your ass and go see the show, it is super important to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS!! Seriously people, I mean it.

Okay, now let’s talk about Marquee baby. As I said above, I went to Marquee last night for their Thursday night party and I was pleasantly surprised with the overall situation. All three rooms were packed and the line to get in was down the sidewalk. You know, sometimes I hear people diss Marquee, they say things like, ‘that place is so passé… do people even still go there… its like 10 years old… blah, blah, BLAH.’ But I want to point something out because I think this is really important. Instead of dissing Marquee because it is six years old, and saying it is passé… lets all stop for a second and realize that it is six years old because it is good and it is still FUN. It is six years old because people still go there (and buy tons of bottles)… it is six years old because they must be doing something right. 

Cuties hanging at Marquee (Some girl was making everyone fun things out of balloons!)

Cuties hanging at Marquee (Some girl was making everyone fun things out of balloons!)

I arrived at the club sort of early in regards to club time, I got there at 12 am on the dot, because I was meeting someone and I think punctuality is an extremely important quality to possess… as time went by… 12:30, 12:45, 1:00… Marquee really started to fill up. I decided to go outside and stand in the smoking section (no, The Frogge does not smoke, yuck!) to watch the door and really see what was going on out there. Overall, I was impressed. After six years (which is like 900 billion years in club time) Marquee still runs a tight door. Am I going to lie and say that they are doing a perfect job? No, the truth is, they are not doing a perfect job. There were definitely some people that if I were the doorwoman I would not have let it… but for every Nottie there were definitely three Hotties to compensate. So overall, yes, it was a good mix of people. 

Cute boy and his new puppy Fluffy!

Cute boy and his new puppy Fluffy!

DJ Ryo was spinning in the main room and my pals The Chainsmokers were holding down the back room. I do not know the name of the DJ who was upstairs… but he was kind of cute. Anyway, here is the bottom line. After six years Marquee is definitely still very busy. Hot people still go there and it is a hardcore dance party! So, next Thursday night if you are wondering where you can get your dance on… think about Marquee, put on your dancin’ shoes, and come hang in the back room with The Frogge, Samuel Valentine, James Coppola, FullTimeFriend, and The Chainsmokers. My only complaint about Marquee is, I miss Wass and his fabulous outfits at the door… they were so entertaining… that man knows how to dress.

By 2 am, Marquee was packed and going strong but there was another party that I really wanted to check out so I headed down to the LES. Now, the place I went to is kind of a secret, not really a secret, but kind of, and that is what makes it so charming, so I don’t want to blow it up on my blog. Therefore, I am just going to refer to it as CH. If you know what it is, you know what it is, if you don’t, you don’t.

I arrived to CH and walking in there is always very fun because you never know what to expect or who you are going to see. Lets just say that the people who hang there are very interesting, mostly artists. This place, CH is very cool because it is everything. It is an art gallery, a boutique, a hair salon, an event space, I heard (but I am not sure) that there is also a recording studio somewhere in there. Basically this place is just an all out awesomeness facility. It kind of reminds me of the film Factory Girl… this place is like the 2009 version of Andy Warhol’s factory (or at least what I know of the factory from pictures and films, clearly I never was there, as I was only a year old when Warhol passed. RIP, Andy.)

But anyway, there were two DJ’s who were mixing music with really interesting video clips that were being projected on all the walls. I tried to take pictures, but as I am sure you know, you can’t take a picture of something that is being projected, as the flash ruins it. So, they were DJ’s mixing music, but also video footage… There was also some interesting art around the place… including these large flowers that were all around, very Alice in Wonderland… in my opinion… 

Large flowers randomly dispersed throughout the room...

Large flowers randomly dispersed throughout the room...

Anyway, I bring this up because I think it is important for there to be places that are awesome besides clubs for people to hang out. Sometimes you just want to be able to have a conversation with someone without music blasting your ears off. 

God Bless America!

God Bless America!


I love you, I love you, and I love you… yes you! Happy Friday… Have a super-duper weekend.

Love your friend,

                             The Frogge ❤


2 Responses to “Let’s Talk About Marquee Baby…”

  1. (and if I hear Small Town Girl or Don’t Stop Believing one more time, I will have to go ahead and slit my froggy throat!)

    LOL the song “Small Town Girl” is a lyric in “Don’t Stop Believing” but yeah, agreed, the other over played song you are probably referring to is “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by good old Guns N’ Roses–

    • haha, you are very right Ms. Gard… thank you for your observation… i have corrected that mistake… i guess thats what happens when you are out till 5:30 every night… yawnnn… The Frogge is sleepy!!

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