Green is the New Black…

Last night was a relatively quiet night for The Frogge. This is because it was Wednesday, and you know what that means… the Dancing While Intoxicated party at Greenhouse. Now before you get the wrong idea, let me explain something, so pay attention! When I said ‘last night was a relatively quiet night for The Frogge,’ I don’t literally mean it was quiet, what I mean is, I spend so much time at Greenhouse that at this point I feel like I live there… I should probably keep a sleeping bag behind the bar… after all, the lovely bathroom attendant has the largest array of hairspray, gum, and lollipops that anybody could survive in Greenhouse for at least three weeks (Blowpop, anyone?)

The thing that I love about the DUI party at Greenhouse is the people who run it. Hosts Samuel Valentine and James Coppola are responsible for bringing around the coolest kids in town. Sam has the rock stars and James has the hipsters and when you put those two groups together… well… it kind of looks like you have stepped onto a set for a very interesting music video. After being at Avenue on Tuesday night where it was so damn stuffy I almost couldn’t breathe (don’t suffocate The Frogge, please!) it was truly a breath of fresh air to be back at DUI. 

I walked in at around 12:30 and DJ Lindsay Luv was on the decks downstairs in the lounge. She played a good set, not to mention its always nice to see a lady holding down the turntables. She was followed by DJ Lily of the Valley who is wonderful, not to mention completely adorable. (I heart you, Lily!) 

DJ Lily of the Valley working hard! (and being adorable!)

DJ Lily of the Valley working hard! (and being adorable!)

Upstairs in the main room (which is gorgeous by the way… LOVE the crystal ceiling!) The Chainsmokers (Alex Pall & Rhett) were holding down the fort playing everything and anything, and I mean ANYTHING. That is what I love about The Chainsmokers. They are the most unpretentious DJ’s out. They don’t give an F about ‘what is cool, what is hot, what is old, what is new, what is downright ridiculous!’ They just play whatever it is they feel like playing, so when I walk into the room and Mariah Carey’s Fantasy is on followed by Around the World by RHCP followed by Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas, I think to myself, I can get down to these guys! (Speaking of which, The Chainsmokers will be at Marquee tonight in the back room which is still alive and kicking.) 

The Chainsmokers! (Check out the extreme concentration on Rhett's face!)

The Chainsmokers! (Check out the extreme concentration on Rhett's face!)

After rocking out both the upstairs room and downstairs lounge of Greenhouse, it was time to go to the beach, so I grabbed my SPF 30 and sunglasses and headed over to The Box. Now, I am not sure when The Box made all the changes that were made (because I haven’t ventured over there in a while) but I walked in and things were totally different in a very good way. That is why The Box is still successful, because they know how to keep things fresh. 

The shows, which used to be on the stage, are now on a different, smaller stage which is in the front, center of the main room. I really liked this change because it makes the shows more intimate, it is as if there is no separation between the performers and the audience. The old stage which is larger and on a higher level now is home to two nice, big tables, which is also great because you know how much every hot, drunk girl just loves to dance on a stage (it gives them a sense of purpose in their lives… don’t worry girls! I am not making fun of you… The Frogge has been known to dance on many a stage and many a table… ribbbit!) But, the biggest difference of all was the entire club floor was covered with sand and there were beach towels and umbrellas everywhere! It was really adorable and really fun because most of the clientele got really into the theme. Girls were wearing cute bathing suits, guys were wearing swim trunks, there were zinc covered noses, tons of sunglasses, hats, sandals, ect. 

Valiantly protecting us from that blazing heat with a super large umbrella!

Valiantly protecting us from that blazing heat with a super large umbrella!

 The music was fun, the people were cute, I even took off my four inch stilettos to feel the sand beneath my toes! The Frogge has no complaints except for… drum roll please… this idiot that decided to hit on The Frogge by telling The Frogge that he was, and I quote, “an internet personality.” First of all, what does that even mean? Second of all, I knew who this person was through the grapevine and I knew that he wasn’t an internet personality (maybe in his own delusional mind.) Third of all, I would like to point out that in this day and age, we are ALL internet personalities. Pretty much everyone I know has one or more of the following; a facebook, a myspace, a twitter, a blog, a website, a sex tape, and some sort of personality (even if it is a lousy one.) So we are all internet personalities, it really doesn’t take much. If you want to impress The Frogge, come to her and tell her you have won an Academy Award or that you have the cure for cancer but please do not brag about being an internet personality because its Pathetic with a capital P. 

That brings me to THE RIBBIT OF THE DAY which really should just be: “I am an internet personality.” But I have something better for you and it is something that I have been thinking about for a while, so here we go.

RIBBIT OF THE DAY: HAVE RESPECT FOR YOUR ELDERS. ESPECIALLY THE ELDERS YOU MEET WHILE YOU ARE OUT AND ABOUT IN THE CLUBS (OR SHALL I SAY, GASTROLOUNGES?) WHY AM I TELLING THIS TO YOU? (I am going to stop typing in caps now.) Because the other day I was out, and someone said to me as they pointed at an ‘older’ person, “Ughhh, why is that person here at this club, they are so old, blah, blah, blah.” And I just thought that it was such a stupid thing to say. First of all, it is better to be old than to be dead. Second, older people are awesome! They have seen more, know more and have experienced more. So if you are young, don’t be judgmental! Instead, talk to these ‘older’ people… learn something new… and hope that one day you will grow older too, because the only other option (being death) sucks!

That said, I am going to tan on my lily pad… Catch ya tomorrow!

Love your friend,

                            The Frogge ❤


2 Responses to “Green is the New Black…”

  1. I’ve gotta say, the idea of a fake beach in a club is pretty amazing. Ah, I remember the days when I lived in Florida and actually went to the beach-now I can go inside a club and sit in a sand box and pretend I’m at the beach. New York has it all! hah
    xo Cassidy

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